Spirit Journey by Wrathofautumn

Spirit Journey by

Date: 3/5/2008 Views: 117840 Favorites: 250 Comments: 75


Completion: 17/17! w00t! Two companions go out into the woods to complete an ancient ritual, only to get more than what they bargained for.


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17 pages? This is gonna be fun


Sweet! A transformation in Wyoming! Had to say it since I am from Wyoming. I live in Cody, 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park. Can't wait to see the rest of this. :)


this here is creepin me out, I have no clue why, nice drawings though




This looks very promising so far. Loved the "It is Time" - I suspect they 'have reached the second crucial turning point of their destiny' :)


I can't wait to see what happens next!


Ah, no worries. Still working on the sixth page now.


I sense a Brokeback Mountain moment coming up.....nice artwork though


The_Philo: *chuckles* Ironic isn't it?


wkdrake: Considering this was posted at least two days before his death, I find that rather unlikely. But seeing as that movie and its topic sucked, I hope this doesn't turn out that way.


much as i like magic food and potions this looks a bit too much like illigall hippy drug use to me. i understand drugs can make you think you turn into a fox person but really what they do is melt enough brain cells you can't tell the difference. Anyways don't do drugs and thats not a cheasy tag line.


Dude if you dont EVER finish i will cry........so take ur time as long as u finish<><


I'm soooo psyked about this sequece. CAN'T wait till you finish it!!


I don't know, man. I'd probably see more of the attraction in self-TF if it was all done via some magical Indian bong.


>>pleasure meeting you, Katafox! ^^


Pshycho_Giraffe, still causing trouble and licking cunts, I see.


Ah, thank yas, Foxxor! And Blues-Light: to answer your question, I think that dark dot is a blotch on my scanner. I need to get that thing cleaned sometime. D: More pages are coming, but now I'm too busy to finish a page in 24 hours...not until sunday.


Moar TF, less drama plz. Anyway. Yes. Sequence = Awesome. Keep it coming!


I agree. This will probably end great... but is has draged on for 8 pages and still no TF.


There's only five actual pages of TF out of the seventeen pages, KIDDING :3 It's weird, but good so far. I'm sure it'll end nicely :)


"acuchi moyai...... We are far from the bones of our ancestors....." Chakotay and his spirit journeys lol, I like it so far


o_o Transfur-chan. ^_^ Kidding. But seriously,I'm glad to see that people here are attempting to take a bat to any drama makers.. And I'm hoping this does end in a good transformation. I hate long sequences that take so long to be finished ...suspense is such bitch. T-T


i love how gender-neutral Fochs is.


Yay. Drama. Anyway. Keep going! This is great! Thank you for keeping us updated despite your cold. :3


Half the fun of a good tf sequence is the setup, and you did a good job. Good on you for ignoring the philistines and keeping it up.


Great job setting up the story... but, like a few other people have stated, I am not too happy with the art style. It doesn't look very professional.


I love the story you put into this. And also where would the furry community be without drama?


dude ...........GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jwyattguy: I understand where you're coming from. I know for a fact this isn't my best best work, but I recently came upon coloring pencils, and I wanna try to improve my skills with them.


you know, all criticism aside, it was the story that was most important to me in this endevor, which i think you've done very well wrath, lots of people like to bitch on the internet when they can't be really put in their place, i've learned to just laugh at you and ignore you, so keep up your douchebaggery if you will, know it doesn't phase me. and don't knock the hallucinagenic journey until you've tried it, and judge not those of us willing to travel new paths toward inlightenment.


^^ My comment about how it comes about is...Kids,Behold the powers of Peyote.


If art was all that mattered, we wouldn't have the Power Puff Girls and Dexter's Lab! Give him a break. Look at the whole sequence. Story, idea, execution, art.... not many here DO post in color! Just keep going for the fan that DO like it, the missles be damned!


I didn't say i hated the sequence, or that the art was bad. I just said that I didn't like the style. I love the Powerpuff Girls AND Cexter's Lab, but they look much cleaner than this sequence. I'm not hating the art style... it just doesn't match my personal taste.


Jwyattguy: Did I ever ridicule you for that? :P I already know it's not my best. Relax, dude.


'Plus two male hippies expressing love toward each other isn't exactly highly appealing...ICK!


why has this tf sequence generated so many hateful comments? If you dont like the art you're looking at, dont look at it? Stop picking apart every single thing you dont like. Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "its shit" dont help. Had to say this after reading thru comment boards as of late. Also Swampfox, dont post biased comments, all those do is ruin the mood for other people. Theres a 1st ammendament *spelled wrong* but theres no point to that kind of talk without a basis. Also dont quote religion please as your reasoning.


I'm in agreement with Clavat. We're not here to discriminate anyone. Male couples have every right to be displayed the same as straights and those people who want to get tf'd into a sandwich. All I ask is that if you find this sequence offensive, for the sake of not making a fool out of yourself, refrain from posting such demeaning comments.


Steven, I was responding to Blues-Light's comment, not yours. : )


Hmm, I think swampfox is simply acting like a tard, not actually beliving it, just trolling....


Oh yay more stupid hateful comments. I LOVE this sequence so much, though.


This is a well drawn sequence. How do trolls even find sites like this? Plus shouldn't these comments get edited? I spell corrected someone once and it got deleted. Keep drawing steven, Honestly i'm not a fan of "gay" tf's etc. But you're a good artist, don't let ignorant fucks put ya down.


Just another case of "My fetish is better than yours"


I don't see this as gay art... I see it as very good art with a wonderful story and excecution. And these fur-hating/gay-hating commenters can take their own advice. To each their own. If I was made uncomfortable, I just DON'T look! And if the artist isn't Christian, he's probably not bound to a Christian Hell for sinning against a G-d he doesn't beleive in. Nevermind religous nuts. Great job! I can't wait to see it's conculsion! =3


I see they gay-bashers have arrived. this is the first time I've seen this kind of hint, here. as for the bashers, grow up! this is the 21st century for pete's sake. we got more important things to worry about, like Global warming and terrorists.


>_> *Pokes Blue* o: You might antagonize a response boyo,careful. <_< I've gotta say,I was expecting a brokeback scene at first..but it really took a more unseen turn. o: I like how its turning out and I'm sure the final page will be great.


"'cuz it's the beessst ddaaayyy eeevvvaaaaaaarrrr!!!!" X3 Totally the song that should've been playing in the background of the last page. :3


Sacha: You aren't reffering to me, are you? I'm female. And I'm very pleased the with 16th part! Where is that hut??


These comments are full of win and lulz.


*snrk* Best plot twist ever.


Hehe. This is cute :3 And ignore the trolls.


Not sure I understand what trying to say.


Page 16 just made this entire sequence so much better :3


i'm really pleased with the way this has turned out, i don't really care what other people say, you've taken my idea, and our dream, and made something we can really enjoy. My mate and I thank you Steven ^^ its been alot of fun gettin to know you and i look forward to following your art from here on out. BTW, to those with the brokeback comments, I'm from wyoming, and i hate that that's become some pop culture gay joke, the unexpected twist was ment to throw ya'll for a loop, but i guarantee my mate and i sexxed it up all night long after that tf, put that in your pipe and smoke it ^^


I find the amount of hypocrisy going on rather astounding. I take no side, but I would like to point out numerous sequences and images have been posted containing female:female situations, yet these are considered acceptable material. How is this any different? Quite the double standard.


oooh hellish sounds good. Whats wrong with M:M? Nothing more than whats wrong with M:F, F:F, M:, F:, or M:F:M:M:F:D. I thought the romance aspect was sort of cute.


M:M is not my personal cup of tea, but I still enjoyed the story in this sequence. 17 pages is certainly an undertaking not to be judged lightly.


o-o;;; Sorry Blue. X_X Either way,I was just kinda saying to watch out but,the contravery is over so ...meh. T-T I's Sorry blue.


I rather liked this. As others have said, the style is alittle... I dunno.. off? No not the style, hrm I guess it's more that the coloring looks 'waxy' sorta crayonish. STill I like this.... Could you comment on excatly what the spirit guy was implying tho lol, I know it sounds kinda stupid but I was wondering if they were acutally dreaming still (ie. drug side-effect) or if it was (from an outside point of view) real. And yes, I know real is very subjective.


I really loved this series. It was nice, sweet, and told a great story despite it's artistic level. After spending years drawing and getting nowhere beyond little cartoon doodles, I know that this sort of thing is no small feat. It was nice to finally see some story in a TF beyond sex as well. ^_^; As for what to do next, the spirit commented that he makes dreams and nightmares come true. This couples dream was to become anthros, and while being stuck as an anthro forever may become their nightmare, it would still be interesting to see this spirit fellow make someone's nightmare come true from the get go. Who knows, you could even pull another switch and make the person's nightmare into their dream. ^_^;


Oh noes.... "Live the Dreams" ^_^ looks like they're there, ........nightmares um well might not be so fun hehe.


D? Whats D? Cry?


If you really wanted it to be someone's nightmare, there'd be a 3rd human that didn't get to shift, but had to watch the others turn into anthros.


To answer everyone's question about what exactly the spirit was saying, he was saying that what happened really happened. They became anthro foxes permanently, no longer human, for good or for bad. There are as many cons to being an anthro as there are good, like hygiene. The only thing that the spirit wonders is if they understood that there was no going back from the start. That's why he calls them fools. And as far as demented goes, the spirit can make horrors come alive just as fantasies. It all depends on ones point of view. XP


Am I just limited to one comment? Or have they changed that? I really do like the end, I can see both good and bad roads to their life unfolding. Though, i wouldn't mind smoking that pipe too.


Epic ending. You have really earned my respect when it comes to making great stories. Thumbs up.


Awww-ewww why such foreboding of 'hellish' sequals? Why cant it be someing inbetween (or something not completely bound to bad ending?)




I really enjoyed this sequence and I'm sad to see it end. Thanks, Steven! Your art has improved, I think especially you nailed facial expressions on this comic, and those are hard to capture in drawings. Awesom job!


I loved the way this ended. It will be interesting to wonder what they do now!


creeped me out that last moment man WWWWWWTTTTFFFF?!?!


This is a butt-load of comments




On page 12, this is my thoughts of these 2 people.........GAY!!!!!!!! :p


But on page 12, this is my thoughts of these 2 people.........GAY!!!!!!!! :p