Bring the magic home. by Wildkatt

Bring the magic home. by

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Forced Transformation

"How was your Day, Dear?" Jacob asked as he entered the kitchen from the garage to see his wife Ashley looking more then a touch frazzled.

"Oh, just great...I swear If Theodore watches "Brother Bear" one more time today I may just pull my hair out." she announced.

Jacob laughed " He loves bears and I guess it goes with the territory when your Dad is the zoologist in charge of the Grizzly Bears at one of the biggest zoos in the country."

Ashley rolled her eyes "It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the movie, but I haven't been able to keep him full today and all he wants is peanut butter and honey sandwiches. He's ate nearly a whole loaf of bread by himself today!"

"Growth spurt?" his father wondered out loud "And I thought that wouldn't start until puberty." he chuckled.

"He growled at me when I tried to give him carrot sticks instead about an hour ago, and I mean in a scary way. I actually felt the need to leave the living room. I'm not sure what to do about that behaviour." Ashley admitted.

"Well, he told me last night when I tucked him in that he was going to wish to be a bear, but he's taking that a bit far. He can't be acting like that. I'll go have a talk with him." Jacob decided as he headed for the living room, freezing in the doorway looking at his son. His very furry son.

Jacob waved Ashley over with a finger over his lips, signalling to keep quiet. The parents just stood there watching the small boy, that was now looking very much a kin to a small bear cub, watching the television not sure what to do, say or think. It was then their cub spotted his parents and ran over on all fours, clamoring and grunting at his Dad's legs for a welcome home hug. Jacob picked him up and gave the cub a hug. Examining the child's paws, muzzle, ears and tiny tail as his wife paled in shock and backed up to take a seat, feeling faint.

"Maybe I can introduce him to the bear pen at work?" Jacob thought to himself, not exactly sure how to broach the subject to Ashley.


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Aww... I hope there's a way to bring him back somehow.


Well, I hadn't really thought if there was going to be a "Disney" happy ending to this...Theodore got his wish, and if he moves to the zoo he can see his beloved bears and his Dad everyday.

Depending the fate of the magic Teddy Bear, I guess there is the possibility Mom could join him there too....but Mom becoming a bear...that's another movie ;)


Hmm, that magic teddy sounds like it's causing some havoc. I'm going to have to be careful. >_>



Joking, of course.

Maybe he could switch between the two? (Then again, that's likely MY writing talking...)


Maybe some time away from the TV will help...


Good job, I like the child an important reference world teddy bears


Thanks :)