We can't all be swans... by Wildkatt

We can't all be swans... by

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Forced Transformation

Leah had worked hard all summer at dance camp but try as she might she could never get the moves as gracefully as the other dancers - who rarely eased up their teasing of her about it. After weeks of lessons and trying to prepare for the final recital her instructor asked her to say after class for some one-on-one training.

As Leah danced with all her might he called out "Like a beautiful swan, darling! Spread your wings!" but the instructors encouragement did nothing for Leah's raw emotions and just frustrated her further. She was hungry and tired and it was late but he continued to try and coach her, believing he was acting in her best interest. He called out "Soar!" and Leah took a mighty leap but blew her landing, collapsing on the floor, where she started to cry.

The instructor hurried over, fearing she was hurt but Leah took a deep breath and declared "I'm fine! I'm just not meant to do this. My Mom wanted me to come to this camp, I didn't want to! I can't do this I'll never be a swan! I'm not like them!" emotions taking over.

The instructor knelt down as the girl continued "My parents just got divorced, my Dad moved away with his girlfriend and my Mom works all the time - she's never home! They never really wanted me - I'm sure of it! The only reason I'm here is because no one wants me around this summer and Mom is trying to re-live her dancing days through me." she drew in a shaky breath as tears streaked down her face "I don't want to go home...I don't belong there. I don't belong anywhere!"

The instructor gently wiped them with his thumbs and cupped her face and smiled "That's not true my dear, we all belong somewhere but you are right about one thing, child. We can't all be swans." she looked up at him and instantly calmed when she looked into his eyes as he continued "However, that doesn't mean that we can't all soar! Some of us are just made of stronger stuff, Leah." He stood up and walked to the french-style doors of the studio.

As he did Leah started to feel and odd sensation in her legs. Her feet hurt, there was a sudden pressure as she quickly removed her slippers to relieve her aching, swelling feet but as soon as she did they changed into powerful talons and the change wicked up her legs rapidly. Feathers erupted from her body and her fingers lengthened into the beginnings of beautiful wings and even though she was frightened she was also in great awe at the transformation taking place.

She turned to see the instructor watching over her from the doorway with a genial smile. Leah was about to ask him if this was a dream but a strong beak pushed out of her mouth and took her words from her as she shrunk down in size, completing her metamorphosis into a beautiful hawk.

The instructor, seeing the change was complete flung open the doors and exclaimed "Now, my child fly and be free!" and without a second thought Leah flapped her new strong wings and bolted through the open door into the night sky, happy for a fresh start and a new life.


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I'm loving your work! The stories add so much to them. :-D


Thank you, I'm glad that people like them.


This is beautiful not just the artwork but also the story


Thank you :)