Awkward Timing by Wereskunk

Awkward Timing by

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It was my first day at work. They had gotten my name wrong on my name tag. It was the afternoon and I was stocking stuff up on the shelves of my local SuperSaver store. I was admittedly kinda hot and sweaty. The AC was pretty weak. I felt kinda smelly. That’s when I felt a slight tingling in my spine and the feeling of something moving inside my underwear. I tired my best to hide the fact that there was a tail growing out of me. “Why now, it’s never happened like this before” I couldn’t ask to go home, my shift had started only an hour or two ago.

I tired to focus on my work but It was getting harder and harder. I shifted my legs as the itchy and also giggle inducing fur started to grow. The fur tickled my leg as it grow more fuzzy. I was so focused on hiding tail I had forgotten about the rest of the transformation. My nose became wet as if I had a cold. It grew darker in color becoming more curvy and round in shape. Luckily no one was really paying attention to me. Black fur started covering my now slightly rounded ears. “Oh no” I thought to myself as I can feel the tug of my face being pulled ever so slightly forward.

I could see customers starting to stare as they walked down aisle I was standing in. The smell was getting worse. It wasn’t so bad it could clear a room but it wasn’t boding well for my first day at work. That’s when I noticed a small crowd staring and watching me. “But why?” I touched my face. Different colored fur was covering my newly forming muzzle.

I was so embarrassed as customers complained more about the smell. Even if it wasn’t bad it was strong. I mean you wouldn’t wanna walk in a room someone blasted with air freshener, that chemically flowery smell. I mean it wasn’t flowery smelling but maybe because I’ve had to deal with this it wasn’t so bad in my book? Least it wasn’t anymore. Then I hear my pants tear up as my bushy fuzzy skunk tails makes it way out. I could hear gasp. They were sounds of angry customers as they stood and watched me in the middle of the store slowly becoming a skunk. I think I heard someone say that my transformation was cool.

This was the first time anyone had seen my situation. I wasn't done transforming. Why did everyone have to keep starting at me. I swear I don’t smell that bad. I wanted to run but I stood there holding my tail behind me. I can hear my manager on the PA yelling at me. I didn’t have to tell them about my situation. I knew ever since I first transformed it wasn’t going to be a secret for long. I kept transforming as my heart raced. I wanted to cry. I had to just stand there. Wondering why no one ran away. Guess this is the most interesting thing that has happened in this small town that people can’t help to watch?

My muzzle grew longer and my teeth sharper. A striped pattern matching my tail started Covering more of my face. My ears round and fuzzy repositioning themselves to the top of my head. My fingernails became darkened and grew longer until they were claws. Yet the crowd still stared. I kicked my shoes off as my feet became more paw like. I couldn’t save my socks as my toenails became clawed as well. Black and white fur covered most of my body until all that remained was my already black curly hair.

I blinked a few times as my brain slowly adjusted to its body. The crowd was still there. “Was this a nightmare?” They were filming me, taking pictures. I covered my face in utter embarrassment. I was still in the same spot. Starting back at the crowd....

“Now what?” I thought to myself.


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Better go see the manager and explain hopefully he's, understanding