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Random Female Rabbit Transformation by W0lfB0y
7725 views, 40 favorites, 1 comment
Damn carrots.. lol
Growing Pains -redo by W0lfB0y
7934 views, 44 favorites, 3 comments
Good old fashioned werewolf transformation... This was originally a b&w piece I did way back in 2001 that Lars had colored 2006, I still love how creepy this thing turned out.
Firr the Skunk Transformation by W0lfB0y
11196 views, 56 favorites, 4 comments
Poor William, he just wanted to have a normal Con just like all the others he attended in the past year but nope...not this time. Nothing quite like turning into one's fursuit to really make things interesting on a late Saturday night. Lets just hope he can change back at some point right... For @Firr.
Full Moon Surprise by W0lfB0y
8184 views, 47 favorites, 9 comments
Doesn't it suck when you forget about the full moon and you ruin a perfectly good set of clothes. Yeah, the few downsides to being a werewolf. A old charcoal/pencil drawing I did in 2004.
Muzzle growth by W0lfB0y
6206 views, 58 favorites, 3 comments
Just a simple portrait werewolf transformation. This was my first attempt at a realistic werewolf transformation during my high school days. I think this was done back in 1999....ooooold lol