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Date: 7/7/2005 Views: 40503 Favorites: 73 Comments: 20

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

I was asked by Lizardman this morning to make up a picture for a cover of a story he's doing. Its a businessman-type turning into a female unicorn. Its a little different than the story describes, but I thought it was a good pic anyways and decided to finish it up.


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w00t more TGs -- looks like a fun story maybe you can get him to post the link here somwheres?


Its going to be a story you'll have to pay for. ;) I will post a link on my devart account when I find out where it will be sold from.


what the link to your devart account :)




The mouth seems a little odd, but other than that good follow up pic. Seems like there should be another pic in the sequence though


I love the position of the body


She has horsey lips, which are very rubbery and flexible. I take it this is a TG, too.


Where is Lizardman's story?


I see absolutely nothing to indicate this is TG, but that's just me I guess.


I'd liked to see your face during your tg unicorn tf... ;-)) Nice picture!


Very very interesting. Two little questions... is it being caused by that necklace? And, where could I find Lizardman's story?


1. Yes its being caused by the necklace, and 2. I'm not sure where the story is, as far as I know he's not done it yet! You'll have to take it up with him, I only do the doodlin' :P


Sorry the mouth looks odd too so many ppl, but it looks fine to me. And yes it is a TG pic, maybe looking at the first one ( http://www.transfur.com/artwork/artists/TfProxy/Unicorn.jpg ) will make more sense. At this point, I imagine the guy is more concerned with his new muzzle, fur and horn than his new breasts. But thats just me. :D


TF + TG: perfect together. ^_^


I think the mouth looks awsome, It rtealy shows how scard he is of it, and how he er she is just now learing now to use it. AWSOME JOB!, i whoud love to see you add some frames between this one and the frist. then add a few after this one. It is looking real good


i want lizard mans story


I couldn't work out why she(?) looks so horrified. Then it clicked - the unicorn must be being turned into a human. Nice pic ^_^


Do you have a URL for the story? The mouth looks 'weird' because it has an equine conformation instead of a human one; their teeth and jaw are fare more flexable.


Sorry, no I don't have a URL for the story. As far as I know Lizardman isn't done it yet, at least, if he is he hasn't told me. Its been my impression that you will have to purchase it as well. I told him that one of the conditions of doing the peice for him was that I would be able to post it for free on my site and on transfur, and he agreed.


so cool