Squirreltf by tfancred

Squirreltf by

Date: 7/16/2019 Views: 9324 Favorites: 70 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation

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Every support is really appreciate! It helps me to buy my material (wich is kind of expansive) and to get formations! My patreons are also a big motivation into keeping up working on my drawings...

I’m also doing live stream to show advancement on my colour work! You can have an early access to those by becoming my patron too! 😉

For the story, So, Eliane was a botanist working in the northen quebec where she was bitten by a squirrel a few week ago. Now on her first full moon, she's turning into a were squirrel for the very first time! Guess she'll go nut when she'll see the result!

Ref : https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Monster-Girl-Pose-Reference-445181976


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nut indeed xD (also squirrel pun, nice x3)




Doreen? Is that you?