CBE--CFF-B-DFDBAE by tfancred


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Minor Inconvenients

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Ok! Story time!

April got the shaga a while ago. Most of her friend and family stil think she only got darker hair and skin. Some of them did notice more subtile changes : her nose might be a bit wider or les defined or her ears look kind of larger.

What they don't know is tha she's not fully human anymore! Now, she have to shave her whole body a few times a week, hide her tail and wear closed shoes to keep her prehensile feet out of view. She need a few days to get used to walk with those. No shoes really fit her and it make her walking look a bit clumsy. Hopefully, o one will be able to discover that she's now partly an ape.


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WOW! Do much detail compared to previous sketches. Love it