Patreon Sneak Peak - Bee TF by tfancred

Patreon Sneak Peak - Bee TF by

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Ok? Story time, now!

Beverly is a lab assistant in a company experimenting with insect DNA. Recently, she've been working on experiences with bee DNA, but she've been stung by a bee yesterday. Dr Abner, her boss, gave right away a pill that she should take imediatly. if she notice anything unusual. Sadly, she started to feel weird on her way home today and forgot the antidote at home. When she finally made it to her place, her body hadlost an antire foot. Before she could find the pill, she continued to shrink and, at the exact moment where she was about to take the pill, a sharp pain on her side forced her to the ground as two extra arms appeared under her oriinal ones. She really should hurry because the longer she'll wait, the bigger the pill will be. Do you think we should tell her that every chane is irreversible and the antidote will only stop the mutation?


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original is spellt wrong with out the g im assuming typo and u forgot the g in change.. another type u can fic or not idc its not a school paper X D

that a side hehe i like it poor girl though may beverly enjoy being a bee girl haha


Thanks! I’ll correct those shortly! I really appreciate! ^_^


well heres to beeing part bee from now on


I’m not sure to get it! XD


Insect tfs are pretty interesting, nice job




It's hip to fuck bees


Lol! Indeed! XD