Patreon Sneak-Peak - Jackalope TF by tfancred

Patreon Sneak-Peak - Jackalope TF by

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Ok? Story time, now!

Have you ever woken up knowing that your day will just be a long and hackward pile of random situations? Well, Jenny knows exactly what it is at this exact moment when she woke up to discover that she just randomly turned into a jackalope! Gosh those antlers will be a pain in the ass with her hair! Talking of pain in the ass, I’m not even sure she already noticed her new little tail!


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Wow, nice job




Least she has a buttoned blouse!


And why is it so important? Lol!


Less irritating to take of, of course! :P


guess I would be a little freaked too if I woke up with antlers too.


Indeed! XD