A Little Mousiey With Extra... by tfancred

A Little Mousiey With Extra... by

Date: 1/25/2018 Views: 6970 Favorites: 45 Comments: 3

Baggy Cloths
Oversized Clothes
Prehensile Feet

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Ok! Story time!!!

Mary bought an elixir in this weird shop at the mail nearby. The seller said her that it will turn her into the perfect girl for her boyfriend. Strangly enought she knew that her boyfriend was into furry stuff and accepted to go throught these change. She wanted to make him a surprise for his birthday. What she didn't know throught was that her boy friend was also fan of shrinking women and multiple stuff. So while she was trying to keep her cloth on, she've been surprised to have a little unexpeccted hand for this task. She was not panicking. She knew she wyould be kind of surprised with the result, but she had to adjust a few thing befor starting having real fun. While she was getting in her room she just hoped that she'll be able to find something small enought for her new body. And that she will not change too much during this time or she'll have to borrow her dolls' clothings!


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hehe, i think it happened again xD but with extra arms, this time X3


Did you read the description? :-p. I explained the story! XD


yea, kinda XD but still comes to that situations xD