Patreon Sneak Peak - Shaving the Fox by tfancred

Patreon Sneak Peak - Shaving the Fox by

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For the little story, Felicity woke up this way in the morning. After panicking for a few hours, she deceided that being a fox was not a reason to stop taking care of her or forgetting her beauty routine. So you can see her (trying to) shave her legs! The tick fur is kind of harder to shave throught!


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She's going to look weird.


Well, when you are in denial!


sorry i think she needs 2 accept the fur

that be long long agonizing beauty routine...

and she will look weird with out fur

love the picture though


when you are a fox trying to shave your legs, but they grows back XD (well, yea, tried to do a joke/meme >_> idk either if i did a good one or a catchy one xD in alternative would be like the "upgrade meme" like you have fur but you want to upgrade it and look nicer but when you see it that you shaved that, you regret that and press the button to go back xD) ♥


Critique since you asked for it on Weasyl and I don't have a lurker account on there:

- I can't see anyone shaving a leg in that odd position. It's more believable either on the floor in the shower, in one of those showers with a seat, or on the edge of a tub. Of course, you then have to ask where she's getting the water for the razor blade.

- It's a weird position where her right leg is on the counter top and it doesn't look like her body is angled. Wouldn't she be more balanced if it was her left leg, or at least back against a wall?

- The muzzle below the nose is pointing out where it should be slanted in.

- She has done her whole foot and is almost at her calf. Where is the clump of fur? Would anyone let fur shavings just litter the floor? She's obviously not doing it over the sink basin. And is dry fur easier to shave than wet fur?


- She somehow mastered the art of shaving between her paw's toes. That must be hard. I would have expected some places she wouldn't be able to reach, so a little fur remain here and there.

- Why is her mouth open? I can't think of a reason, given the story.

Cathrope: Being transformed, she already thinks she looks weird. She's groping for something comfortable. She wants to see the pink of her skin again, because that makes her feel closer to the human form she once had. She'll either grow out of it, tire of the daily chore, or be vigilent about it. For her, she's either motivated by what she once was or by social pressures and norms. And leg shaving is a hard habit to break.

I can't believe I'm actually commenting on something...


Thanks for the critic! XD


But I have to say I used a reference picture for this one... So technically, someone is actually shaving her legs like this! XD


She may be able to hide the fur and tail, but the other features, such as her ears, snout, pawpads, etc, will be quite a bit harder to make disappear.