Patreon Sneak-Peak - Catgirls Twins (Twinning) by tfancred

Patreon Sneak-Peak - Catgirls Twins (Twinning) by

Date: 11/16/2017 Views: 12704 Favorites: 59 Comments: 6

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female
Tail Growth

Here is a new Patreon Sneak Peak! If you want more of my stuff, I post at least three images like this per week on my patreon including a continuing sequence on friday! This is my famous Sequence Friday! ;-D

One of my favorite theme lately is the transformation into clones, someone else or fictionnal character! Here is a two for one! Tommy and Amy were an ordinary couple like any other up to the day when an old cat lady moved to the home next to their. They were definitly dog peoples, having tow big goldens and the old neighbour didn't like the idea. So, she deceide to do something about it. She found an old spel book she had not open since her retirement and deceided to learn them to prefere cats!

While Tommy was at work, Amy stayed at home. She had longer vacation than him so she used this time to do some cleaning. Suddently her dogs starting grunting at her. Scared, she let them go in the back yard. The rest of the day became weirder and weirder. First she started to be scared of touching the sink and, then, she became more and more absentminded. Every little noise and mouvement in the house was enought to catch her attention and keeping her away of what she was doing. She didn't even notice that her ears got pointed and a tail was starting to grow from her spine.

For Tommy, the day have not been easy eighter. First, all his cloth became larger than usual and, then his voice start crackling, just like when he was a teenager. Before noon, he had a brand new pair of breast and his private parts were so small that he had no choice but sitting to pee. He deceided to go back home early and, while driving at home, his transfromation began to go faster. At home, he found Amy on all four playing with a sccared mouse. He sat down look at her in complete shock...

- Amy, I think you're turning into a cat!

But it was not enought to catch Amy's attention. She was already more than affraid to see her boyfriend with her own face and... Is there something different with his face? And more important, where is this stupid mouse?


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hehe funny

that cat lady an ass though

i like both dogs and cats =p no preference when coming to having pets... but really rude on her part imo


Well, that’s the problem with those evil witches! XD


def evil

i dont mind being a cat furry my fursona is a feline =p

but forcing it on dog lovers is RUDE oh well

curiosity whats ur favorite tf to draw?


Well, honnestly, it changes all the time! One thing doesn’tchange throyght, I really like when it implies shrinking! XD


Do they go full tranfomase in cats?


Nop, just catgirls with cattyitude! ;-)