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Yep, another Patreon Sneak Peak!

I hope you'll like it! I'll try to post some pics to show you what is going on on my patreon! Just to give you an idea, every weeks, I post around three pics like this one and, when I get more time, I sometimes make a color and/or stereoscopic image!

Also, every friday, I post one image of an ongoing sequence! Currently it is an otter tf-tg! ;-D

To find more : https://www.patreon.com/Tfancred

What else to say! I've already talked you about the Shaga! This is an imaginary illness I created that can change sombody's dna into a lot of different way! For example, when this disease is transmited to you by an animal, it can copy-past some junck of it's DNA into your genome! Nancy have been working for a while in a zoo and now, she has to find some fitting shoes! She didn't even't notice some of the positive points of her new form. For examle her new pourse!


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Kangaroos <3. Think the shoes will be counter productive to hopping


When shoes doesn't fit you, because you're turning into a kangaroo xD


I have always been fascinated by the concept of a transformation induced by a virus similar to the flu that carries other animal DNA and uses the DNA carried to modify the infected individual's DNA.

The resulting transformation would be conceptually permanent due to the integration of all cells in the body and the body's inability to remove the virus.


More shaga stuff to come! ;-(




It's "kangaroo", not "kangarou".


In french, my native language, it is Kangourou! That’s why I did this stupid mistake! XD