Gonna Need a Roo Passport by Stickmanwww

Gonna Need a Roo Passport by

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Commission Sequence for Pheagleadler (hg3300) on Furaffinity

Phil was excited to finally have the time off to use his slowly built up travel points, for a dirt cheap first class flight to the land down under.

The woman at the information desk informed him that because of a delay with his scheduled flight, he was one of the lucky passengers to be rerouted onto a newly sponsored "private" flight.

Upon boarding the Roojet, Phil couldn't contain his excitement to finally be heading off into the sky, and as he sat down... neither could the back of his pants.

The changes began before he could even sit down, at first he had no idea why he started talking differently than normal. Then his clothes just started not fitting anymore, it was all very strange.

The entire time he couldn't put his finger on why these things felt abnormal, the moment he grew his tail, he couldn't remember not having one. The same went for his new snout and claws, his shoes were obliterated in moments, but it was the weirdest thing, he couldn't remember putting them on, or even having human feet!?

"Roojet would like to welcome it's first group of marsu-passengers aboard!" The sign he failed to notice at the back of the cabin said in big bold letters.

Phil had fallen victim to one of the first of Australia's new exotic flight features, where before even arriving. you can truly feel the experience of the outback first hand, accent and everything.

He would never figure this out unfortunately. As far as he could remember, he had always been a Kangaroo! Though he couldn't remember being a naked one.


Meant to upload this one here earlier, got a bit caught up with stuff.

After I'm finished my queue I wanna try to upload some stuff here that isn't already posted elsewhere sometime.

Also a multipage sequence may be coming in a few weeks!


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>As far as he could remember, he had always been a Kangaroo! Though he couldn't remember being a naked one.

He's a never-nude! "There are dozens of us! DOZENS!" XD


Would you like to join the frequent Flyer club? :)


I'm not a flyer, I'm a male roo :P


this is how bogans speak in Australia lol, btw beautiful artwork


really good made x3 and everything is sniper. lol (well, i can immagine it like they speak like sniper XD, may ya get the reference x3)


Lol oh my god i was thinking the exact same thing


Thank you for the TF2 reference btw I appreciate it ;3


I know you hate me, don't comment on my commissions if you have a problem.


I'll comment where I please. If you aren't site staff, don't try to dictate who can and who can't post.


I may not be site staff but don't you dare tell me you're not showing your negativity because it was commissioned by me. Your immature and childish attitude towards me needs to stop and you need to grow the hell up.


Splendid! :-D


I LOVE this kind of TF where the language/dialect changes with the person as they morph into something else from another culture. Honestly it's not done nearly enough because (imo) it's almost as cool/creepy as the TF itself.


Actually I haven't seen any transformation pictures where the accent changes to fit the animal so this is new for me