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Kingoflycanswebpic by Silverhyena
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Okay, this is LONG overdo. Like... a year or more, overdo. I had completly forgotten about this lineart until a few days ago. But, I got down to busness, riveted my but to my computer chair, glued my tablet to my hands, and went to town. Several hours later, I have this. The King of the Lycans. I decided to try a different color combination. Generally I color my werewolves black or the traditional grey and tawny. I decided to try out redish brown and grey for a change, and I rather like it. This...
whylycansarebetter by Silverhyena
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Okay, these are just my reasons why lycanthropes are better then vampires. Just in time for Halloween too. Happy Halloween everyone!
Werewolfcardsample by Silverhyena
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Another sample of my werewolf cards that will be available for sale at the Holy Family Church Holiday Bazaar in Auburn Wa in November.
Werewolfcardsample by Silverhyena
11010 views, 85 favorites, 8 comments
This is one of my cuter werewolves. Watch out for magic tenis balls! XD A sample of my cards featuring werewolves. It will be for sale at the Holy Family Church Craft Bazaar in Auburn Wa in November.
heraldiclycan by Silverhyena
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I have always loved Heraldic artwork. But lions are over rated, so just for Transfur, I did a Heraldic style lycan. This was loads of fun to draw.
tobealycan by Silverhyena
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This was actually my first drawing, or rather, drawings, of my vampire slaying werewolf, Tammy Silverclaw. I found it when going through my sketch book. So, here it is.
pettingthewerewolf by Silverhyena
8996 views, 47 favorites, 18 comments
One of several werewolf T-shirt designs I'm working on. I was trying to do something simpler, and I think I did it! Tis available for sale on shirts too here,
weresilverena by Silverhyena
11125 views, 43 favorites, 14 comments
Sorry I have not uploaded anything new in so long. I'm very busy during the Christmas Season. Well...this here is just me releasing my inner hyena, my inner beast. Things are fun during Christmas time...but they can get stressfull and sometimes I just...blow up.
howlofrage by Silverhyena
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A werewolf expresses his anger, screaming his rage to the moon while overlooking a small farm.
Werewolfshread by Silverhyena
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Again with the werewolves. I also felt like doing a background this time...however crappy it may be. A newly transformed werewolf sharpens it's claws...on 200$ a yard curtains no less...