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Luminari TF Ink (Incomplete) by SeaCigar
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Just a small update from me for those folks who don't browse FA much... That, and the resolution on the image here is better than in FA to better show small details, since the site's image zoom system seems to work much better than FA's. This woman is going through a "Spontaneous Environment Adaptation"... or SEA for short;) She is transforming into a custom creature (Like a Sergal) by the name of a Luminari... An anthropomorphic, aquatic creature, with Rubbery, cetacean like skin that range...
spiderhalfink by SeaCigar
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Alright. I felt, after seeing miranda leighs and Bleuski's linework regarding similar topics, that a re-ink is in order. I'm putting this up as a "placeholder"... the ink detail will be about twice as fine, include "during" tf subimages, and work on building details to the carapace using the thinner linework.
turtletfsketch by SeaCigar
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Ah, this one should be explained a bit. I drew it to represent the concept of the Ninja turtles (you know the ones) undergoing their initial transformation from standard beast to anthropomorphic crimefighter. as such I made it as mutate-ey as possible: the five digits on each hand and foot shifting, some growing, some shrinking, becoming the familiar 3 fingered, 2 toed shape folks are familiar with. The limbs stretching and filling with muscle, suiting a 2 legged creature. yeah, this one was a b...
swantfsketch by SeaCigar
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Another swan transformation, but it is one of my three preferred forms.... not much to say other than that :)
ballswansketch by SeaCigar
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This Girl is more or less a continuation on my last ballerina swan, but is becoming an anthro swan, where my other was becoming a full swan... nor much more to say at this point...:)
ballswansketch by SeaCigar
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This is a nice elegant piece inspired by photmanipulator Kurt, now known as "Lessthanhuman" Known for beautiful, elegant transformations that oft-times focused on the hands, feet, and face. Here we witness a lead ballerina transforming into a gorgeous swan in the middle of a practice routine. I studied the poses rather intently before beginning the drawing, but she seems a bit hyperextended... perhaps adding the swan essence to her make it look more like she is twisting out of control as she dan...
bunpawtfseq by SeaCigar
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This is just a nice little quickie from a never-completed rabbit transformation sequence ( I just couldnt get her stretching muzzle right... some days it just doesnt work, you know?) but I think I did a great job having her paws grow, so I thought it would be okay to post. I'm a huge pawslut: one aspect of transformation I love is the aspect of human dexterity and finesse mixed with animalistic power, endurance, speed, etc. I think hybrid paws (hooves, talons, etc.) are rather symbolic of that m...
arrowpidgeon by SeaCigar
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Aya... Okay, I have it now. Let it be known to those who upload art for the first time that it is not immediately obvious what you are supposed to do to piece these together, so for those hanging out as I enter transfur, have patience while I edit these descriptions properly. *AHEM* Anyway, my first submission: An anthro red tailed hawk going by the name of Arrow Quivershaft, undergoing more or less a cursed devolution into a nonanthro pidgeon...:)