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The Most Wonderful Gift by SeaCigar
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Hoy there, this is a gift image given to me by the inesteemable Shiro. It entails a magic gift from an enchanted swan's egg. Frankly, I don't think this picture is realistic at all... If this were happening to me I'd be crying in joy, and not nearly so worried about a little wardrobe shredding;) I considered whether a gift image was proper to present on the site, and decided to do so on two primary factors. One, I believe the quality of the image was good enough to be presentable given curren...
weredragoniade by SeaCigar
14535 views, 89 favorites, 20 comments
Okay, lets see how this works. This is Dragoniade, a fairly established name and face in the furry community, and known were-dragon. There are no signs of transformation here, but the implications are there. I'm not one for shaking things up, but I'm basically testing what is "right" and "wrong" here. I'm actually rather proud of how this one came out, and with the admittance of certain pure furry images, I feel safe posting a few items that deviate from the typical "only furry AND tf" aspect, a...
honk by SeaCigar
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A bit of a more disparate looking transformation, this gent almost looks sickly as he undergoes his transformation into an anthro swan. He is indeed wearing a diaper: a friend suggested that if you were to spontaneously transform, especially into a bird with know rectal muscles, you might want to wear something to keep you and your area clean. This one has a more medical feel to it, so I thought genetic manipulation would be a suitable trigger.