Tying the bell, hoping for a miracle by Sialu

Tying the bell, hoping for a miracle by

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Cursed Location

he's loosing his cloths, he's loosing his face, the use of his hands, his entire body... even... even his mind he is starting to suspect

but he has to survive, he has to get out of this accursed place and find his siblings...

maybe... maybe if he ties this bell, 'his' bell, to his new and still growing tusk... maybe they'll recognize him... and maybe he'll be able to keep protecting them then.

this is based on a fanfic, (where the protagonist is found already transformed into a werewolf like creature, with his bell still tied to on of his tusks (and is one of the reasons he is recognized) so I had feelings of what it might have been like... him loosing his humanity yet having enough presence of mind to tie the bell while he still could


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Out of curiosity, what's the fic? Love the art!


Silver bell, ivory tusk by Verse; it's a MoDao ZuShi (grand master of demonic cultivation) au fic



That's a fandom I've not gotten into, but have heard enough good things about that I've been considering - if I do, I'll have to check out the fic!