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Date: 10/16/2004 Views: 83644 Favorites: 316 Comments: 39

Snow Leopard

So you get a weird German game machine and get your friends together to play


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Ooh, cartoon-serial-cliffhanger meets transform comic... Thanks for more stuff to look at : )


Oooo. They're turning out quite cute. I can't wait to see how this ends.


Runnnnn its the attack of the wolf/bunny/snowlepard/polar bear game

fyi the TF game is comming along its going to be a MMORPG!


there is more..right...RIGHT!?!?....................pretty neat so far, cant trust those germans anymore :)


They must have accidentally pressed Paws.

*dodges thrown objects*



That's the code for a interesting sequence!

Remember entering those for the old consoles! lol


weird German game machine .. hmm must be the "Atari Jaguar" *giggles* very nice tf comic hope to see how it continues :) - im not sure what "Der Verwandlungsgnger" means


Can't wait for the finale!

P.S. I checked Altavista translation, Der Verwandeln Ganger came up as "that transform ganger"

Probably meant "the transform gang"?


Very sweet sequence, can't wait tillthe rest is brought out ^-^


Haha, I actually commised him for this a while back. We had quite a interesting conversation at mff last year. THe VG thing kinda poped into my head so I figured to have him do it. I have all the hard copy origonals and stuff, only now he decided to color it even if he hates coloring. Anyway I felt that he is allowed to post it so all of ya can enjoy.


The story plot is kind of lame. An the art has gone way down hill. Arania is better


"We're changing!" Man, what a classic line, you can never get tired of hearing that one.


Napoleon is a dumbass.. I like it alot.. cool story and 4 different tf's at once. Stop bashing the artists and if you can do better than submit art... btw, good job Picklejuice


Yes yes!!! We all know subject is more important than execution!!!! Doesnt matter if there are easily avoidible technical mistakes left, right and center. It's a TEEEF!! and it gets my rocks off!! HUR HUR HUR!!!(one)!!

I submit art, do I pass muster as someone who can offer advice/crit? Or do I need to spend a few more years practicin' to get your endorsement? Cause ya know, impressing random fans is our reason for existing!! (this place still needs a rolleyes smiley)

Anyway, Picklejuice,


This is great, one of, if not the best Picklejuice work I've seen so far. PJ is one artist who emphasizes the transformation itself, so I like pretty much all he does, even his female tf, which I normally abhor.

Can't wait to see the rest of it and how it turns out.


Thanks for the comments guys.

I do my borders without rulers. The nice thing to say would be "it gives it a more organic look." :) If anyone can tell me how to do color faster, simpler, and better, tell me. I tell you, Orion gave me a challenge with this puppy. 4 tfs all at once? Yowsa. You take risks tackling this sort of project. I think I'm doing a fine job.

Now I just gotta touch up the last 5. Hope you like 'em...


Ah spiffy, 5 more? I was wondering how long the sequence was past this :).

As far as crits and such - we all have room to learn and improve, and everyone contributes something unique. I don't think we should compare eachother ^^; - the TF community is a relatively small niche out there and I love seeing any new artwork out there, and picklejuice - you're one of the few other artists out there willing to take on some long and challenging sequences. Especially a 4-person TF with background -


I love the close-up of the wolf when he says "Run"


Sorry bout the anti climax. No mom.


Wow, great work. I had envisioned them going all the way past the morphs to the animal forms, but this is good too (maybe an idea for frames 11-16? ;) Anyway, thanks for the sequence.


Really, that's it? Too bad, I was hoping it'd come to a more conclusive end. Y'know, it could make for an interesting web comic...

Anyways, great work - enjoyed it.


Love the squence, I love Video Games and TFs. Four people into animal with color background, impressive. Ending kind of drops off their though.

I'm not one for critizism, but why would they run from their mom? I would of got her to help find the Game Company. I love your style of artwork. Great job.


Hey, how about if mom is an animal now too? (Reminds me of a Don Martin cartoon in Mad eons ago with a kid playing with his mad scientist kit...)


Yep, nice sequence A.J.!

I liked the problem with the growing-out-of-pants thing. :) No one ever really thought about it... ;)


sweet :) easy ending but very sweet. thx


I love it, very well done sequence


Gosh, viewers, this must be the end! Or is it only the.............................(Nah, it's the end..) (Pardon the Firesign Theater quote) 7@=e


This isn't a request for more rippage. I just thought it was interesting to note that the wolf was the only one that managed to keep his pants on (despite the tail).

I like how the whole switcheroo with how Max went from pretty huge and buff to small and meek as the Rabbit.


The Rabbit was extremely well-drawn to be cute in this pic. I like how the shirt hangs off him - good effect. And his line is just a massive personality change I think from how he appeared in panel one.


Nice Seq. Keep up the good work. ^_^ ^_^ StealthWolf-SS ^_^


as usual ur work is great


What happenes next? that's the one thing i want to know.


are you continueing or not i need to know


Seriously! I want to find out what happens next!


A sequal would be great i think. But im glad we allready hate this! *thumbs up*


You should really make a sequal. Everyone would love you if you did.


This comic was the inspiration for Owlguin's Quest of the Urn. If you like this, you might want to check that out.


Cool sequence


Never play games you can't understand. It makes for a very bad experience.