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zodiacpickle by PickleJuice
25666 views, 58 favorites, 3 comments
Zodiac Pickle. For the Zodiac transformation theme. Apparently, I'm a tiger. And old. O.O When did that happen?
tob by PickleJuice
44903 views, 212 favorites, 18 comments
Behold the rejected image. Not good enough to be a genchan at Comic Genesis. Oh well. I guess I didn't read their restrictions hard enough. Their loss... your gain... *blinks* if you like it... Anyhoo, it's all meant to be an ad for my crappy little black and white webcomic The Office Bitch (picklejuice.keenspace.com) .. Can I put a web link in here? O.O.
tigboyd by PickleJuice
28186 views, 176 favorites, 32 comments
After finding it on the path, he put the strange collar on by whim. It changed him, shrinking and transforming. He was a man, and now is a tiger boy. The boy runs a paw through his headfur and just takes a deep breath, drinking in the surrounding scents and feeling the heady rush of Knowing his surroundings without opening his eyes.c
cavewolf by PickleJuice
17168 views, 47 favorites, 9 comments
It's his first full moon after being bitten. He wanted to take all the precautions. Forgotten cave. Steel chains. He didn't know. Who would? The strength, the power. It was a crime to be locked away when you feel so free.
huskripcol by PickleJuice
17764 views, 160 favorites, 15 comments
Color of a scene from another TF series. Changing into a fluffy husky doglike man means clothes rip off.
redpand by PickleJuice
9 images, 47593 views, 91 favorites, 20 comments
Someone is grumpy about a slow computer. There's a little fairy nearby to help out, though.
lizardsupd by PickleJuice
12418 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
Pencils by supadawggydude, inks by picklejuice. This be a man turning into a lizard.
foxformula by PickleJuice
42183 views, 124 favorites, 10 comments
The doctor thought he'd worked out all the bugs... Boy was he wrong!
gryphoncol by PickleJuice
13196 views, 45 favorites, 7 comments
An expanded gryphon transformation sequence done once a long time ago, inked to near perfection, and hand colored with prismacolors. Tah to the dah
cougartf by PickleJuice
25721 views, 114 favorites, 9 comments
On the beach, in the hot sun. Out for a walk in the flip flops when, WOAH! Fur, muscles, tail, and claws. This guy's not so sure how to take it. I'd love it, myself...