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Eryshes Birthday Cake by Nickwolf
33933 views, 47 favorites, 5 comments
Delicious irony!
Drake Duck by Nickwolf
11585 views, 50 favorites, 12 comments
What a surprise!
Flirpaint by Nickwolf
18706 views, 130 favorites, 14 comments
I think I am gonna start running a business now, selling toon paint to willing, or sometimes unwilling customers. Here be a very willing customer Flir happily (and messily) applying a new coat of rabbit to himself.
Cheesey Circumstances by Nickwolf
25492 views, 79 favorites, 9 comments
Got lazy on the coloring. Tis' Kuma turning all Rat-like, but I think he knows what hes doing considering the setting. Done for the monthly artist challenge where you turn a friend into a household pet. Didn't wanna tackle a dog or cat, rats are so much cooler!
New Toy Line by Nickwolf
25709 views, 98 favorites, 7 comments
Done for RedXIII. This kinda started as an idea, that grew and grew, and many sketches later became this. Theres alot going on, but theres transformation...see...SEE!? The origional version was VERY brightly colored. I've chosen to mute em' just a tad as a revision, just so you don't hurt yourself if you look at it for too long.
Swatchsuiting by Nickwolf
10406 views, 21 favorites, 4 comments
Swatcher makes a good costume to go fursuiting around town.
Many Swatches of Swatcher by Nickwolf
8861 views, 22 favorites, 5 comments
Either Swatcher got into a big ol' pile of toon paint, or this is paintball gone horribly wrong!
When Godzilla Attacks by Nickwolf
32426 views, 116 favorites, 4 comments
Inspired by a conversation with Coyotoy. Some might recognize this from my FA, but a bit more green. This is the actual painted colors, and I for one like them a tad more. I can't remember why I changed them, oh well. Either way, blue or green, that guy is in for a ride.
Kuma Loves His Honey by Nickwolf
12021 views, 58 favorites, 3 comments
There is such thing as too much of a good thing. But in Kuma's case, too much IS a good thing!