Noctilucent by Niche

Noctilucent by

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At first it was just the occasional flutter of wings punctuating the quiet night air, but soon it was a frequent occurance, as aerial gymnasts joined the cloud. They danced around him, their chirping song growing louder and louder in his ears as they grew, and soon the tearing of his clothes made him cringe. He swung his arms wildly, trying to escape the acrobats, his hands catching more and more air even as he grew smaller. The intense cacophony threatened to deafen him. But this uproar, was it truly disorderly? He listened, finding a chaotic organization to this orchestra, and soon he lent his own luminous voice to the performance.

Another bat transformation, this one a little more serious. I always enjoy drawing bats, I'm very particular about their anatomy. What's the point of doing a cool animal if you ignore everything unique about them? Also, I'm an expert at drawing a cloud of bats now.


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Excellent drawing. Bat anatomy is so often ignored.



As much as I adore bats (DIE MOSQUITOES, DIE! DIE!!!) I have to admit some of their most unique facial variants can be less "handsome mouse/fox with wings" and more "God's dadist period".


I will admit to that, some of them are quite the lookers :P