Keeping Up Appearances (Hisuian Zorua TF) by Mxmaramoose

Keeping Up Appearances (Hisuian Zorua TF) by

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Forced Transformation

Whelp.. this is what ya get for reaching your arm into that trash can to try and rescue that "albino" Zorua... #TFEveryday #pokemon

Edit/Update: I was daydreaming a bit of a follow up to My previous Zorua TF pic and doodled this cute lil scene. I guess that the Zoruas felt sorry for me and decided to stick around to teach/help me pretend to be human ^^

Third Pic Update:

Continuing on with my lil Hisuian Zorua self-tf, I drew a bunch of cute lil pics depicting some everyday struggles for our newly transformed protagonist. being small and halving no hands is the chief complaint although this gets much better once they finally evolve into a Zoroark

Fourth Pic Update:

~curling up in a cozy nest with your pals is the the best part of the day!~

This is a continuation of the previous Zorua TF Sketches I've been doing here. Just showcasing a quiet moment of all three characters relaxing together ^^

Fifth PIc update:

Wanted to play around with my new foliage brushes a bit more so I did this pic continuing more of my Zorua TF Story. Here we see our main character getting to meet and interact a little more with the wider zorua/zoroark community. After she evolves her lil zorua buddies took it upon themselves to find some Zoroarks who could help her get used to all the new changes ^^

6th Pic Update:

As a human turned Hisuian Zoroark its best to avoid stressful situations lest your illusions start to break. Unfortunately you cant always avoid visiting family....

7th/8th pic Update:

It sure can be tricky maintaining a job/your secret after you've transformed into a Zoroark! Here's another doodle about my Hisuian Zoroark post TF life. She has a job as a night shift PBX operator for her local PokeCenter which is perfect for hiding away in a tiny basement office...but not so perfect for remembering that Humans arent supposed to be able to understand other pokemon lol!

Pics 9-11 Update:

"~aaand In this next Installment of "So I Guess Im a Hisuian Zoroark", Confronting the fact that you're Ghost Type!" XD ( hope you guys enjoy some jokes with a sprinkle of angst)

12th pic update:

Since everyone is interested in my Hisuian Zoroark story I figured it was a good Idea to give everyone the basic jist of whats going on. Heres a Info Sheet!

13th pic update:

Why do Pokemon partner with humans?.. well turns out that different Pokemon have a differing range of opinions! from the sentimental to the b̵l̵u̵n̵t̵ .. more practical.

14-16 pic update:

Another Installment where you get to know some of the side cast a little better. ( H is short for something else.. and if ya know the real life inspo for this story then its pretty obvious)

17th pic:

Some days you just cant human correctly... and as Moira is quickly finding out lack of sleep/stress has annoying side effects when you're an illusion based Pokemon like Zoroark

18th pic:

Moira: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧"Come on out! The Snow feels soooo good!!!"

YU:ヾ(≧へ≦)〃"Its unfair!you're ghostytypes!! the cold goes right through you!! IM going back in ya undead wierdos"

Happy Holidays from the Zoru Crew & Stay warm out there!

19th pic:

What the want of chocolate can drive a man to... Humanity really takes our omnivorous status for granted lol.

20th pic:~and now a silly lil Hisuian Zoroark tidbit, Everybody smile ^^

21st Pic: ~Sometimes you freeze for just a moment... and wonder how your life has changed so drastically. ~

This is just fun study of a head on view of Moira that got a bit to detailed. hope you folks enjoy ^^

22nd pic: Morning/Mourning: its hard sometimes to admit that your physical capabilities have changed...

Enjoy some ZoroarkStory Angst ^^

23-26 pic:

Hey y'all thanks for you patience with me, Im back with some more Post-TF Zorua Story! Today we take a bit of a look back on Moira when she was still a zorua and learn a bit more about Pokemon biology!

27th pic: Chibi Transformation!!\( ̄︶ ̄*\)) enjoy this fun little ( Fake) sticker pack of my OC's

28th pic:Sometimes you need Human forms to get things done... Here's H and Yu's go-to human disguises! as you can tell Yu tends to stick to a more naturalistic Zorua pallet ( because its a bit easier and he's young) whereas H has the age and experience to vary things up a bit.

29th-32nd pic: The Visit ( Part 1) Moira has some unexpected visitors drop by and we get to learn a little more about her family! So far so good! hopefully things will stay that way tho..(a continuation will be forthcoming next weekend or so.)

33rd pic: Okay! My Hisuian Zoroark Post TF comic now officially has a name! Thank you ShiftingSkye on twitter for the wonderful suggestion of Keeping Up Appearances! I feel that it really suits the vibe and themes of the story. Please enjoy this fun title page I drew up last night ^^

34th-37th pic: The Visit Part 2: Moira gets a taste of her siblings trainer journey and contemplates missed opportunities in life..

38th pic : And now a small diversion ^^ I know we’re in the midst of a on going plot line but please enjoy this short lil comic which is ~Totally not based on my irl experiences with long hair whatsoever😅!~

39-42: In which Moira is Questioned by two nosy tweens...

43: Sketchtember Day Nine: “ Hang in there!”

Oh wow! A color sketch! Featuring me tormenting my Keeping Up Appearances Ocs^^ poor Moira was not expecting Yu to try and ride around in her mane and being a Unovan Zorua Yu dosent think twice about it. Calk it up to Cultural differences.

44-48 Keeping Up Appearances: The Run-in.... and now back to the dramatic tension! Our little group stops for a lovely picnic on Route 2 but who know what will happen when some nefarious passersby step in to the scene!


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Complete with coffee. Though having to lap it up with your tongue seems like it would keep you up...


Ima tea drinker instead of coffee, but then I guess brown liquids in mugs look fairly the same XD but yeah its less energizing coffee and more cozy tea so no staying up here


Adding to this after the initial tf was a great idea! I like that you used Zorua and Zoroark's illusion powers to explain how this character could still appear human to the people that knew them before the incident. But how solid is the illusion? Can they still not grab things with thier "human hands?"

I also really like the little interactions they have with the other pokemon. And the forest brushes and night colors work really well for that fifth scene :3


I was actually thinking about the hands thing a lot! Im pretty sure that it's a fairly big problem initially.

Zorua illusions are not very solid (imagine them like kinda like thickisch soap bubbles they can be poked but lots of pressure will pop them) and until they evolve they have to use thier mouthes to hold things so if you're a zorua pretending to be human holding things adds a whole new level of difficulty.

You have to focus on making a convincing illusion of bolth yourself and the thing you're holding. All while finding a way to take the thing without suspicion. I'm thinking that our character here fakes some shoulder injuries which they pretend gives em an impacted range of movement


Thats a really cool headcanon! I forgot Zorua have to pick up things in thier mouth XD So yeah it must take alot of focus and training/focus to use Zoroark powers to appear as human as possible.


Love the tf and story :D

One thing tho, that’s zoroark she turned into, not zorua


Oh, wait, nvm. She turned into zorua and evolved


No worries the confusion is completely understandable. these drawings are less of a "linear TF sequence" and more of a "random moments from a fanfic I wish I had enough concentration to write" lol

But yeah my Oc/self insert starts out transformed into a hisuian zorua and eventually evolves to a zoroark


uh oh, looks like she let her guard down...well at least the audino wont be able to tell anyone human?


Tru tru. All said tho once Nurse Audino gets over the initial shock they get along swimmingly.


good jokes indeed, it chills the bone~ ;) (also skeleton puns, because, yes. lol)


Yu and H demonstrating that pokemon are much like digimon. Only with a lot less say in who the trainer is.


These are so so so good I love them! ;_;


Im glad ya like it!


f r e e h e a l t h c a r e .


Transfur must be the only social media platform in the world where EVERYTHING is garuanteed to get 1000+ veiws. *jeaulousy moment*

if only I could draw...


H is having a decades long crisis and you're worried about pageviews. Come over here, H, you can sit in my lap while we try to look for evidence of your partner on my computer.


H, decades long crisis. Not sure what you mean... doesnt look very positive though


He waited long enough for the wood frame behind him to rot away and is still waiting to find his partner here in the place he was told his partner would eventually be.


This is becoming quite surprising little epic!


yeah! I didnt expect peeps to be so into it when I started but now its kinda just grown and grown lol


Pic 17 is relatable, if more literal than what most of us deal with.


not wanting to human is definately a vibe


I had an art teacher who never developed thumbs. Also had a thought. You could become a hisuian zorua if a standard zorua bit you, you started to change, but you out didn’t survive the process.


Random thought: what happens when a ware wolf eats chocolate in human form? 🤔🤔🤔


i love this so much. i love this so much. oh my gosshhh


glad ya like it ^^


What a great combination. A nighttime encounter with a potentially dangerous ghost-type Pokémon, and an intense, predatory stare from through Uncanny Valley human glasses.


glad you like it!


Creative block, it’s a terrible thing


Ma'am... it's all still there in your head, I promise. You haven't lost your art, you just need to find a new way to express it. Maybe you can try ink via claw tip instead of relying on mediums meant for thumbs?


I seriously love this, every time I see an update to this it feels me with so much joy <3


I'm glad to hear that ^^


Love the double meaning on the name lol


we are all about teh puns in this household ^^


I love the premise.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it


Tagging along with them under a false identity? What could possibly go wrong?!


its a fool proof plan! absolutely nothing could crop up from this ;)


I'm so glad this is still being updated, your art style is amazing <33


Thanks! I'm glad ya like it! Its definitely still being updated (even if I am slow)


Loving this comic :D

I was looking forward to seeing woodland shenanigans, pramks . Maybe we'll see more later?

What happened to that Zoroark duo from page 5


we'll probably see them again later ^^ this comic is a bit all over the timeline of the story since Im just doing it in my free time and enjoying writing the little bits that catch my interest.


It's.. not clear to me who this motivational poster is supposed to be motivating.


It's just a silly thing ^^


Guess her secret is out now