Growing Wings by Mxmaramoose

Growing Wings by

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You know.. flying was a dream I always had as a kid and so i would ask for books on "people with wings" at the library and more often then not those books had some sort of TF element to them. Definitely a gateway fantasy to what I'm into now..


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Indeed, the idea of one day just being able to hear the whistle of those feathers as you soar some sunny day into those sapphire skies. To turn and dive, to know the truest expression of freedom anyone can know.

Tis the dream that brought us to fight so very hard for those moments with the machines we built. Even as children we looked at the birds in the sky and said "why not I"


I remember one of those books from when I was a kid: "Black and Blue Magic" - I forget the author's name... 7@=e


i remeber that book it was one of my favs ^^ my absolute fav "people with wings" book tho was Wings by Bill Brittain


Im making notes