Cant keep Her Coils off Him by Mxmaramoose

Cant keep Her Coils off Him by

Date: 10/6/2020 Views: 6794 Favorites: 48 Comments: 6

Forced Transformation

#Octransfur Day 6: Tail... It seems like this Questing Beast just cant keep her coils off this young page.. and its starting to give him a tail of his own. There.. much prettier.


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Ooh, a Questing Beast tf! Don't often see that, I like it! Wonder if that page will have problems with knights in the future? If so, hopefully he and his mate can handle them, maybe make a whole bunch more QBs? Otherwise they can always rack off back to Africa, have fun there.


Lol! One things for sure that page now has a very interesting life ahead of him !😁


Darn it, Glatisant, Wart was supposed to found the greatest fictional kingdom of England so it could all fall apart as he realized his knights were aping his good intentions with no understanding of them because it gave them tons of glory!

...on second thought, carry on.


Hey, if this is Wart, and Questing Beasts can tf people, and this Questing Beast 'just can't keep her coils off' Wart, then maybe the Questing Beast used to be a Squirrel, and we can FINALLY have a happy resolution to that whole plot arc!


That would be a nice ending! tbh I didn't intentionally make the squire look like Wart but the fact that he did end up resembling him probably shows what disney movies I favored as a kid :)