Emotions of Change by Lucern7

Emotions of Change by

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Something possibly more conceptual and abstract than this site is useful but it does have transformation themes so I thought I'd give it a shot.

The images are (From left to right):

"Reflecting upon the Past (Wolf)"

"Regretting the Inevitability (Lizard)"

"Exciting Discovery (Falcon)"

"Enjoying the Fury of Change (Tiger)"

"Fearing the unknown (Cow)"


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I like it! I like the idea, and the thinking out of the box. TF art one could hang out in the livingroom. Now it is just missing the horse one =P


Most of us lack that skill but we all have our favourite creatures.




oh wow...this is really cool...a change of pace. this has a meaning,atleast to me, but i just cant put it into words. all in all fantastic job.


I like the idea of this too. It's well done.


i really like these pictures bcuz u really dont see the "anatomy" of the tf, really ever... im glad you did this. gr8!!!


The use of color is incredible, too! There's so much life in these pieces!


Reminds me of those paintings you see on Night Gallery.


the thing that i can see is life but also a piece of gothic x3


great use of increasing contrast and horizontal / diagonal action lines in a lot of these. Each image is nicely themed to the mood you wanted to display.


Its okay. The concept is good, but the art could be better. I suggest using references to make this work really well.


Funny you'd say that all but one are drawn from life (aside from the inbetwens of course). Most of the stylization is an affect of the preservation process, a lot of detail got lost unfortunately.


The reason I said that was because the human skulls don't look like hominid skulls at all.


Its a very poetic series.


Quality work here, that's for sure! I personally enjoy it also a lot: it has a lot of expressionist appeal being both mysteriously abstract and profoundly dark. I especially like the Falcon where the later stages just jumble together as if looking at whatever peaked it's interest from all possible angles. Any chance one can get these pictures as prints?


I never thought about it mosaic but now that you mention it I could offer them as part of dA's print system since I currently don't have the resources myself.


Well, in that case I'd be sure to get one...or two....or all of them... :D


In addition: the reason for me wanting it as a print being that I feel the same way as Maska - I imagine them to look great on a (read: mine :D) living room wall with their clear artistic appeal and inherent quality. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if other people felt the same way too.


Well you inspired me and I'm currently looking into my local print making shops, I'll gauge the price ranges, and if it's within a reasonable budget I will start offering prints of these in limited quantity.


You have my gratitude then. I'll keep watch on your FA and DA profiles. I trust you'll announce it there if it's ready?


I found this very interesting and illuminating to an extent so thank you. It is nicely rendered too.


Wow, glad you said something about this on your stream Lucern. I think I missed these when you posted them originally. I don't really see that many problems with the skulls, however I do wonder what pseudo collage would look like.


I love them! How did you paint them? (materials)