Zenith TF TG Commission for OccamsSword by Light Lux Collie

Zenith TF TG Commission for OccamsSword by

Date: 1/7/2018 Views: 2890 Favorites: 20 Comments: 1

Forced Transformation
Gender Change - Male to Female

This was commissioned by OccamsSword on Furrafinity.


He wanted himself transforming into Zenith from the Commander Kitty Webcomic.

I just learned about this comic, it looks so cute!

Zenith and Commander kitty is the intellectual and legal property of Scotty Arsenault. Please support him and his comic by checking out his website and art gallery. Also, if you like his art and enjoy the comic, please consider supporting him on Patreon. I do Not claim to own Zenith and am in no way affiliated with Scotty Arsenault. This is purely a fan made image. Please support his content.

His Deviantart page can be found here. https://ferretface99.deviantart.com

The Commander kitty webcomic can be found here.


His Patreon can be found here



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Quite an intriguing and unique style, I like it!