An Unfortunate Hammock Experience by Jakkal

An Unfortunate Hammock Experience by

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Ripped Clothing

A whopper of a livestream sketch/color commission for PaulRevere. BTW, I will not be doing this many in the future. This helped me figure out what my limit is for LS commissions!

This character now has a name! Karen! And that pendant causes her change into a horse. She has to eat certain rare flowers to prevent herself from changing, which she's trying to store in a special dehydration canister. Hilarity ensues.

I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of this character and her problems.

Edit: Since people are asking. I think if she takes off the pendant, she'll change into a horse with a horse's mind too. So it's much worse for her to try to take it off than leave it on.


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Quite a funny story, but if the pendant is the source of her problem, what advantage does she have in wearing it on a regular basis?


I believe the original story is that if she tries to take it off, her mind becomes a horse's and then she'll still change anyway.


Héhé !^^

But why is she keeping the pendant ?


Jakkal is correct,

Once the Pendant cursed her it sort of linked itself to her. Then pendant now serves to protect her mind from changing, if she removes it, her mind will start to slip away. She hasn't gotten past that point yet. She had just enough will left to get it back on after her first change, and she does not want to start tempting fate.


Can: 1

Horse: 0


xD that thinking exspression x3


Fantastic work! Excellent little story.


Hah, this is great! Not much else to say, just ENGOURAGEMENT!


Is her story posted anywhere?

Looks great.


Lasserine, It has not been written yet, still deciding on whether to hire a writer or do it myself.


Awesome work and story!! Totally want to see more of her! :)


"Note to self: Design edible packaging…" 7@=Q


You should just say that wearing the pendant gives her +8 Str or something. That would make even more sense. Who would take off a pendant that gives you +8 Str? I don't even care if it has a risk of changing you into a horse if it gives you +8 Str.


Thank you for clearing that up for me. Now I'm really interested in the story. I can't wait to read it.


Ditto everyone on the story, and as always your attention to hair / the bones in digits continues to blow me away (when you focus in on them) on frame 7. Yowsers. Followed you ever since the kaetif story. :)


Absolute Awesome Sequence!


What an awesome piece of art!! The detail and uncommon length contributed greatly to the overall value. Very well done indeed!


Easy open, my ass (pun intended)


Esta muy bueno, ¿ esta en el mundo de BT?

Deve ser dificil su vida. tambien debe muchas solucines


"Easy open" ... taunting, taunting a lot!


How often do the changes hit? is there some kind of set pattern? Or are they random? Potentially worse, do they escalate in frequency?


Image 18 of this sequence is the one I like the most.

*Wonders if the story's been made yet*


You know if this is a regular issue, you could just by a Tupperware container?