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YCH: Werecreature Transformation Comic Auction by Jakkal
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Okay, so I have a vehicle that has broken down that I need fixed ASAP. So that means a very special offer from me that I normally do not offer because of time issues. I may offer one or two more of these to cover the cost of the vehicle, but don't expect these from me afterwards. This particular one is a "Your Character Here" werecreature transformation comic. This is my first YCH auction here, be gentle. Rules: My normal commission rules apply (No porn, No bits) https://www.furaffinity...
Practice Raccoon Sketches by Jakkal
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Getting some practice in for the inevitable day Endymion (One of my characters in Kaerwyn's webcomic) changes into a Raccoon. Oh yes, it will happen. Mwah.
TF sketchscraper by Jakkal
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Warming up for my livestream sketch commissions for later. Yes I will do TF commissions. They're much more fun to draw.