Somewhere in Alaska... by Gryphius

Somewhere in Alaska... by

Date: 8/3/2016 Views: 8507 Favorites: 57 Comments: 3

Fused Legs

Another of my recent foray into TF's, an orca this time. Cetaceans are fun!


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At least he's enjoying it! Better make his way to the sea XD. Seriously though nice piece, reminds me of Edmol's artwork :)


Indeed, he better be quick about it too! XD

Edmol has actually been an inspiration to me for over a decade, really pushed me to try and work toward my own version of that wonderful mix between cartoony and realistic that he and a few other artists achieve. Still working at it, but glad you like it :D


I did, thanks for replying. Keep at it and try new things, I like when the subjects are happy when they transform but that's just me XD.