Closer to the Seas by Gryphius

Closer to the Seas by

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Cursed Location
Fused Legs
Theme Park

"I hobbled forward precariously as my legs stuck fast together, flesh between them pulling and fusing. My feet twisted sharply out to either side, forcing me down to my knees at the edge of the water, wobbling dangerously with rapidly shifting balance. My arms were of little help in balancing, as they were quickly shortening, drawing my hands up to the shoulder and spreading wider into long, clumsy flippers, fingers forming together. A crunching sensation pervaded my sinuses as my nose began its migration to the top of my head, dragging my glasses up with it, my face then protruding outward into a toothy cetacean's beak. I gazed downward into the deeply hued water, seeing the dark shapes of the other dolphins almost beckoning me in... it wouldn't be long now before I pitched heavily into the pool to join them in the depths."


Recently begun doing TF work, figured I'd share~!


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I Love That Naked Transformation!


can u add nude for the tags