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"So it turns out I'm part kitsune on my mom's side. The first time I changed was pretty scary, I'm still trying to learn how to control it. It's going to take some getting used to, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't kinda like the tail."

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Welp, time for five hundred fox lives.


Only 1 tail?


O-inari can still o-inari with just the one. Jiu wei hu does the nine. Things in between tend to be a more modern, westernly-adapted spin.


Kisunes win a new queue every thousand years, she is very young human term imagine how much you need to have two tails.


I'm pretty sure that it's a hundred years for a new tail. At one thousand their fur turn either gold or silver.


The entire concept of tail-gain is a modern fictional convention. The nine-tail symbolism dates back to Eastern Han Dynasty Chinese burial engravings, while Japanese Inari shrine statuary depict the single-tailed, bibbed fox holding a key, a sheaf of grain, a scroll, or a jewel in their mouth. Both countries dissimilar fox myths at some point apparently merged. Chinese myth regarding Huxian at some point suggests that foxes of 1000 years adopt a color change, and that respected Chinese family names are attributed to them at 500 and 1000 years respectively--this later bit according to The Cult of the Fox, a Chinese folklore study written by Xiaofei Khang.


Multiple tails also figure into korean fox myth. And let's not forget that in alot of japanese legend and lore on foxes, they have no connection to Inari. So there are many things that confused or at least overstated. Like the word kitsune for that matter, it just means fox, not even a mythical or legendary fox, but just any fox. If people want to get into myth they really need to be more specific than kitsune. Otherwise, Pop Culture for the win.


Tamamo-no-Mae is, as far as I'm aware, a Japanese adaptation of Baosi/Daji, but yes, Japan definitely does depict non-Inari foxes in some of their fairytales.

Problem with myths is they by nature get quite muddied-together from being so old. It's basically like the longest-running game of telephone, with the inclusion of the opportunity for profit by way of adaptating stories and performance for an at-the-time modern audience.


shes just lv.1 kitsune o3o you shall wait until she reaches lv.100 xD but anyways yea o3o, i agree on the previous comments^^


She just needs a few rare candies and a fire stone, eh?


I'm learning so much kitsune lore from this, lol!


Big weird thing to understand is that Japan apparently has both its own fox myths, and fox myths that it has distinctly inherited from other, Chinese fox myths, together under one roof. The Chinese fox myths are associated with a series of 1800s plays centering around fairytale figure Tamamo-no-Mae, while the Japanese ones are apparently related to Inari (itself a deity of disputed origin) and Inari shrine statues. It's also unclear how much of Japan's own fox myths are just an adaptation of their tanuki myths--everything seems to run together like a melting bowl of neopolitan ice-cream, when it comes to so-called 'kitsune'.


well she is down right adoable

lovely art work as always


Oh my gosh I love her so much... 10/10 would go out with in a heartbeat.


It's astonishing how much your art is improving, you must put in ridiculous amounts of effort to come so far so fast. Props to you.


Love it o3o is like "uhm...i can explain it!" xD love it o3o


She is beautiful


There's a paper on this bench.

"I like this bench. It has shown me many things, just for relaxing. I sit here for approximately one hour waiting for the bus. One night I decided to sit on the same bench looking at the stars for a couple of hours. The minute I get up, my peripheral vision finds both a human with ears and a tail. Definitely weird, but never going to forget it."


She’s such a beaut :3 She doesn’t realize how many people would die to be like her.


Is the the middle or the end of the transformation