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naturecall by Flinters
25174 views, 90 favorites, 5 comments
When nature calls
Spontaneous Cowism by Flinters
23233 views, 174 favorites, 7 comments
Another MFF2009 sketchbook pic. Customer wanted a mostly changed girl to cow TF. Don't you just hate spontaneous cowisms?
Rufus has a Problem by Flinters
22747 views, 220 favorites, 6 comments
Rufus seems to have had a slight... change of body, if not of mind. The handsome boomer has, *ahem* busted. Just hope this new flyer realizes the full extent of the change is not just a new chest before I discover her. ;)
instructions by Flinters
22407 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
magicarrot by Flinters
22367 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Magic Carrots
FC2011 Walk a mile on my paws, buddy by Flinters
21808 views, 205 favorites, 10 comments
FC2011 Commission Mild TF pic of a lab's wish of his master after being asked to pull his owner through the park on his skates. Hah! There's an easy fix for that- some proper four on the floor time!
rooformation- by Flinters
21280 views, 176 favorites, 12 comments
Just a random rooformation pic. No reason for it. It could happen at any time to anyone. Walk down the street, feel your pants getting tighter and BOOM! Rooformed.
Rivia Gets Hip-Po by Flinters
2 images, 21068 views, 46 favorites, 6 comments
Why would a gecko care about the source of a drink? What could go wrong with any drink supplied by nut-case? Drawn for riviagreen.
Uplift - Horse by Flinters
19766 views, 151 favorites, 5 comments
I had a request in a recent RudeRoo Design art stream to do a TF sequence from full animal to morph, reverse of what is more common. That sounded interesting and I did it in about an hour live on camera. It was a good opportunity to talk about panel layouts, flow of the design, tracking the motion, and telling a story without words. I usually like to have some sort of obvious causation agent present, but I guess we'll have to live with 'spontaneous morphification' here. :) Think I'll put t...
Ski Vacation by Flinters
19264 views, 122 favorites, 8 comments
The flyer had advertised a full ski weekend for a very low price, and better yet, they provided all the winter weather gear! These two guys were more than happy to take advantage of it until they got to their cabin to find the equipment comes with a price. Fallout had a couple of TF pics done at Rainfurrest 2011. This is one of them.