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HippoGal by Fenchurch
14423 views, 38 favorites, 2 comments
Artist Challenge #4 - "Does My Bum Look Big In This?" The actual quote I would have put on it otherwise would be a more casually irritated, "Darnit, not again, my slacks are in the wash!" =3
Cowgirl by Fenchurch
13210 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
Time for a happy cow transformation! Sometimes people dig up little charms they find with metal detectors, and get unexpected (if not unwelcome) results! This is a months old pic I touched up and recoloured, thought it was good enough to post!
Crow Girl by Fenchurch
10927 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
Cawr! It's time for a Corvid! Poor Margaret here expressed an interest in a /really/ realistic costume for Halloween, and was directed to a spooky old warehouse outlet over on 41st. After a test flight, she may not want to return the merchandise! =-3
Stick Insect Guy by Fenchurch
12385 views, 5 favorites, 7 comments
So, I guess I should have done this /way/ earlier and submitted it for the "unfortunate were creature" challenge, but I forgot I had it lying about and only just finished it the other day! I fancied doing something unusual so here's a poor guy (it's meant to be an exercise vest he's wearing) who perhaps took too many diet pills. Don't worry, he'll eat a cursed chocolate bar soon enough and turn into something a bit healthier lookin'. ;-)
Desert Secret by Fenchurch
23173 views, 158 favorites, 17 comments
A lone walk in the desert is all well and good, just be careful about what you pick up. Those nagas think they have the perfect body, and they're not averse to sharing it through "gifts" they leave throughout the rocks and shifting sands!
Palomino Mare by Fenchurch
13413 views, 68 favorites, 7 comments
Zho suggested I do a pic of someone who was just turned into a "Palomino" (A breed of horse) anthro. I thought of a girl returning home to her family farm and wishing to be a little stronger for performing manual tasks - so here she is holding her new tail and ready to work on the farm! =)
StripedHyena by Fenchurch
11271 views, 88 favorites, 4 comments
Ah some cursed African bracers here, kind of a running theme I like! Thought I'd go for a striped hyena, since I'd not seen a striped 'yena TF before! =-)
Cardinal Sin by Fenchurch
8182 views, 52 favorites, 5 comments
Ah, is it Costume & Mask Transformation Time already? On a bit of an avian kick at the moment!
Ham Sandwich by Fenchurch
7248 views, 22 favorites, 8 comments
Ah, poor Barry, always stealing his housemate's sandwiches, soon finds that Ham is no longer his favourite flavour...
Rhino Necklace by Fenchurch
11412 views, 66 favorites, 6 comments
Ah, I do love my cursed artefacts! I wanted to draw something with a bit more "action" in it, and rhinos are an occasional fixation for me...