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Date: 8/19/2006 Views: 45356 Favorites: 161 Comments: 23


Another piece for the Island of Doctor Moreau Roleplay. A combination Green Python and Scarlet Macaw. A kind of 'mock Quetzacoatl.' And now she is done! This is the fifth and final stage of Cassidy's long and grueling transformation. Also my first completed IoDM sequence. <3


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The poor girl got a raw deal.


Agreed, poor thing


finally a snake(like) TF where the change makes sense anatomically. I cant stand those "lets fuse legs to tail" TFs. Lets hope for her the wingspan (and strenghth) to tailweight proportions get better though. Having wings but being forced to slither in the dust is really a tough fate ...


on the wings.. next time you do a arm and hands to wings change remember a wing is more handlike then they look.


XD Thanks much guys! Especially to you, Corax! <3


XD Thanks much guys! Especially to you, Corax! <3 And Truekaiser, thanks for the tips! (It's not the end, so I'll apply that in her last stage.)


I never liked bird TF's, but this is NICE!


Love the outfit on her in the first part of the sequence!


Horrid fate~! But art-wise, it's pretty cool. Keep it up~


It's my Cass. <3 I can't say anything, I'm biased.


I THINK!!!...the eyes on the "almost final" stage need word, and i like the "legs fuse into a tail" idea!!!! Anyway, good!


Thanks! (The eyes aren't done moving to the sides of her head; then they'll be more snakelike.) Haha, Sunny, that's okay. I know how you feel about her. <3


What's wrong with slithering? It's actualyl kinda cool. Keeps ya close to the ground. I'd say slithering keeps you 'grounded' in the psychological sense as well. AFter all, you know who you are, and where you belong. Sort of. ;-)


Intercate; We've (meaning the rest and the staff and I) have gotten a lot of questions and comments like that. XP. We've made a text-based RP based on the original book/movie. A funky spin-off type thing. Much fun. And yes, slithering is fun, though I might find it wearisome. As for keeping yourself grounded, sometimes it helps to have your head in the clouds. As long as it clears up sometimes. ;)


a wild and truly creative little piece! I can't say I would want anyone to have to go through her transformation, but at least it is very well handled artistically!


Flap, Cassidy! Flap those wings like you never have before! XD Man, I just can't get over how pretty she is.


Finally some anatomically correct TF! Great work! It's about time for Transfur to get someone who think and plan their TF before drawing! Congratulation


Really good artwork, and perfect timing for SNAKES ON A PLANEEEE!


This snake IS a plane. >.>


so finally airborn now, are we? congratulations :) I thought a bit about snake anatomy, laws of aerodynamics and whether she actually could fly like this - the answer is - probably yes :)) There actually ARE flying snakes, even while they have no wings - theres some videos on ;) With those wings she should probably be able to gain hight instead of just glide like those. Even if it would look nothing like a bird in flight - more like a snake swimming through the air :)


its good but it seems like it jumped forward 2 much from 3 to 4


Awesome job with the details, but I feel there is a bit of a gap between the 3rd and 4th pictures.


I agree with Mythology10