Eevee TF Sequence - Root of all Eevee by Drigil

Eevee TF Sequence - Root of all Eevee by

Date: 4/7/2021 Views: 6453 Favorites: 29 Comments: 2

Fairy Tale
Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

A story-board style comic of an Eevee TF staring Jamie and Dabby.

Jamie is an 8-year-old kid with aspirations to become a Pokemon Ranger and the energy to boot.

Dabby is his partner and close friend Pokemon. An Odytt; normal/ghost type and the evolved form of Ditto, capable of transforming others rather than herself.

One of his schoolmates, Senn Obbish, is one of those classic rich kids who wanted stuff and threw a tantrum when he didn't get it. He wanted Jamie's rare Pokemon and attempted to trade his Dragonair for it. Jamie refused; they'd been together since he was four. Senn didn't approve.

So, he goes ahead and has his goons kidnap Jamie in an attempt to force him to give up Dabby. Little did he know, Dabby rarely leaves Jamie's side.


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that's a interesting tf there x3 also pinocchio reference :D


Wow. That's an amazing work. It's a strong story and I'm impressed by the amount of work put into it.