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Blessing of the Horse God by Dondedun
14841 views, 76 favorites, 3 comments
It's a real mare-acle
Big Lizard - Lizard TF by Dondedun
4 images, 14616 views, 33 favorites, 1 comment
Big Pharma's secret rival, Big Lizard
Sword of Milk and Mooing - Cow TF by Dondedun
13901 views, 92 favorites, 3 comments
While useless during combat, it does have it's uses in terms of relaxation
The Wand - Catgirl TGTF by Dondedun
13617 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
Be careful arounded discarded wand you don't know if they have any power left in them
Big Sweater by Dondedun
13476 views, 74 favorites, 2 comments
You can find some weird (cursed) stuff at thrift stores these days.
Bad Day at the Lab - Cow TF by Dondedun
13137 views, 76 favorites, 2 comments
"What did you say was in that syringe again?" "The Cow Serum, how come?" "Moooooo reason."
Dog Filter - Dog TF by Dondedun
12946 views, 107 favorites, 4 comments
Wow, the new dog filter is incredibly realistic!
Rough Sleep - Dragon TF TG by Dondedun
10979 views, 98 favorites, 3 comments
Waking up in the middle of the night to change species and sex would probably not lead to being well rested in the morning.
Wrong Spell - Leopard TF by Dondedun
10796 views, 112 favorites, 3 comments
"I think I maybe kind of sort of cast the wrong spell." "Are you kitten me? This is purrfect!" "Oh my god, please don't do that again."
Expired Soda by Dondedun
10772 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
tfw drinking expired soda allow you to match your identified gender... but also turns you into a dragon