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The Dragon Slayer's Curse - Dragon TF by Dondedun
6760 views, 75 favorites, 1 comment
Oh no, you killed a dragon and now you're becoming one, how embarrassing
Oh Deer - Deer TF/TG by Dondedun
9279 views, 74 favorites, 4 comments
Oh deer me, what am I going to doe!
Big Sweater by Dondedun
13571 views, 74 favorites, 2 comments
You can find some weird (cursed) stuff at thrift stores these days.
The Wand - Catgirl TGTF by Dondedun
13792 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
Be careful arounded discarded wand you don't know if they have any power left in them
Draco Injection - Dragon TF by Dondedun
9771 views, 72 favorites, 5 comments
Sometimes things do exactly what you think they would do.
Needs Less Cowbell by Dondedun
9537 views, 70 favorites, 4 comments
Please, no more cowbell. Look what you've done to the audience.
Hoppin' Away - Bunny TF by Dondedun
7680 views, 67 favorites, 3 comments
I suppose transforming into a bunny is one way to leave the party early.
M-moo? - Cow TF by Dondedun
9993 views, 67 favorites, 1 comment
This is where cows come from.
Dragon Crystal - Dragon TG TF by Dondedun
7790 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Please do not touch the magic crystals, you might have to make some significant lifestyle changes if you do
The Hand That Pats You by Dondedun
7423 views, 63 favorites, 3 comments
You know that classic saying, "Don't bite the hand that pats you or it will glow green and pat you until you are a cat!"