Hello, all, and thank you for visiting my space on Transfur. A little about myself: I'm a completely self-taught artist who has always had an interest in depictions of transformations. I wouldn't really consider myself a member of the furry subculture--I'm perfectly happy with myself as I am. Having majored in English in college, I'm more interested in the narrative and expressive potential of transformation. As I keep working to improve my art, I hope to push some of the boundaries of transformation art and the way people viewing my pieces see human transformations.


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Generally speaking, I am not accepting commissions at the present time, mostly because I do not have regular access to a scanner, and because of constraints around my day-jobs. However, if you have a burning desire for a particular piece, and are able to wait up to two months for it to be scanned and posted, then get in touch with me, and I will certainly consider your request! Also, if you have a particularly interesting idea for a transformation or sequence which I like, I am more than willing to do some work pro bono :-)

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