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Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
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metamorpher has that effe by Cayuga
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Cowgirl Bar TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
24423 views, 160 favorites, 11 comments
Ordered milk at the bar. Maybe that is how this started. She should have ordered beer, that is why they have the sign!
Rabbit TF by Cayuga
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Immersive Biology Day Mouse TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
18065 views, 136 favorites, 20 comments
Day 1 A "Welcome Class!" message and a weird picture drawn on the chalkboard. "Where's the teacher?" "Why is your face fuzzy!?"
Hand And Face Soap Horse TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
14854 views, 125 favorites, 21 comments
"The owner of this establishment must love horses! Hands and face soap..." First person TF! Another one! I had to google "bottom of horse hoof" because I had no idea. And ignore that "mares" isn't mirrored!
Duck girl copy by Cayuga
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TF Gym -- Maximum Testosterone Weight Training by Cayuga
22012 views, 106 favorites, 7 comments
Latest in fitness medicine -- the TF Gym! When you want to build a lot of muscle fast, testosterone helps to promote muscle growth. Use the patented Shorts Select System to TF into a powerful creature that will help magnify your efforts. Yes, you will be male during the workout. When complete, remove the shorts and you will change back to before in every way except for the added benefits of a world class workout!
Flamingo TF by Cayuga
9736 views, 98 favorites, 7 comments
Been 3 YEARS since posting!!! A hapless tourist gets the unexpected when she uses a Groupon for a strange-sounding resort. "At least the shirt was free!" Updated file to color version. Pink pink pink!
Minotaur Puddle - First Person TF TG by Cayuga
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I love doing first person TFs! Here is a TF of a woman who stepped in the wrong puddle. The parking lot at Labyrinth Beach has a lot of surprises. She/he is going to have to find her/his boyfriend before things get any more confusing! Not a bad way to spend a day at the beach, tho. BTW she can see her/his ears bc bulls have great peripheral vision, yo.