Squirrely by blackshirtboy

Squirrely by

Date: 10/26/2011 Views: 14863 Favorites: 104 Comments: 6



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That is REALLY adorable. I love the clear difference between her eyes, and the brown shading cascading down her hair. Really nice!


Eh I find the difference in eyes to be kinda ugly. Well drawn technically but its just really off-putting. Then again im not to into "patchwork" TFs, with a transformed eye here, a transformed leg there, so I guess its just personal preference.


I like the way the tail is just about to unfurl. Nice 'potential energy', there. As for the variations mentioned above...whether or not it's your thing, you have to admit that it's well-done.


It is well done, it just looks ugly. It would've looked much better either with both human eyes or both animal eyes. Actually, I think if it was both animal eyes it would a lot more striking, because you don't see too many partial TFs with fully animal eyes.


So, it's not your preference. You could have worded that a little more politely to, you know, not sound like a dick.


Thought I worded it just fine. I didn't exactly tear it apart.