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Werefox Commie page by B by BlackRat
4 images, 74231 views, 574 favorites, 35 comments
4 page werefox commission for BP. Poor guy forgot his Transforming schedule... again. MangaStudio, Photoshop and painter 9
Grizzly Noodles by BlackRat
16827 views, 89 favorites, 5 comments
Bear drawn for a guy I know.. for a guy he knows O_o... Lookit the grizzly.. mwraaarrrgh.
ShinAkiraCommission by BlackRat
18972 views, 95 favorites, 12 comments
Commission for ShinAkira. Rattus rattus... of doom.
ShinAkiraCommission by BlackRat
12987 views, 67 favorites, 7 comments
Racoon dude. Commission for ShinAkira
ShinAkiraCommission by BlackRat
18095 views, 117 favorites, 9 comments
Black and white commission for ShinAkira.
JaneTf by BlackRat
28936 views, 99 favorites, 9 comments
This is actually an ooooooold sketch that had been kicking around in a sketchbook. I have given it new life. I have named her Jane and adopted her into my endless cabal of characters. Shes cursed and turns into a wingy unicorn thingy.. for some reason. Done quite a few doodles trying to get a "look" i want. She's got quite a gut there. Probably just bloated on all that Mead and Mutton she had for lunch. Meh... She also has a sword named Carl. Painter and microns.
GWPage by BlackRat
4 images, 115893 views, 881 favorites, 40 comments
Girl to werewolfy wolf lady person comic commission. Was a really fun order to do for some reason. Also learned alot about comics and coloring while working on it. Things I learned on this comic I've used on nearly every picture since. Microns photoshop and Painter. Also DRAW!
FemaleWerecat by BlackRat
24680 views, 134 favorites, 4 comments
Rawr! More wardrobe destroyed. Crappy old werecat woman drawing that has been kicking around in my deviantart site for a while. An example of my "mutt'" species of werecat that I use on occasion. Doesnt look like any real cat, so the unholy pairing of two different species of werekitty is as good an explination as any; and no, it doesnt really look like either of its 'parent' species.... such is my power :P
shelivesindarknes by BlackRat
29446 views, 173 favorites, 19 comments
Commie for a "goth" girl Cat transformation. No specific "goth" type was specified so I went with the cool looking breed :P Oddly, she looks a bit like my sister @_@.... Microns and ze painter again.
kw-Sobad-cl by BlackRat
30992 views, 252 favorites, 17 comments
Impromptu Otter tf. Obligatory, "he looks like he's enjoying it", comment. (and i'll update my site.. eventualy) heh heh ha ha ha haaa.. I need a cookie. :(