Forgotten Storage by WhenWolvesCryOut

Forgotten Storage by

Date: 3/6/2022 Views: 1479 Favorites: 20 Comments: 2


I felt like sketching some ring tf stuff. Initially just gonna be a few standalone shots. But then I had the idea for this with the swap rings. Kinda bounced between pens at the beginning until I decided which I wanted to work with.


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I would love to see the finished pieces .

The Ring TF does have its appeal , But I do wonder, For some of us, our entire lives have been in the wanting of the wholeness of being.

I think I would be more than just. "Oh how cool" In finding such a thing, I think I would be trembling so much, I don't think I could hold it steady. TBH

Then the aftermath of becoming the dream? I am not sure there is anlough kleenex in the world.