Birthday Comic by WhenWolvesCryOut

Birthday Comic by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Pages 5/6

Started this back in around November i think, for a friend for his birthday. It was intended to be a full colored comic (and still will be at some point). I got the pages sketched up quickly

I didn't plan on starting uploading it until i got much further...but...working two jobs left me with much less drawing time than i expected, so i'm just going to upload these as i complete them, then i'll upload the colored versions as i finish those.

....looking back, the lineart's nowhere near as nice as i'd like it to be =\

note: some things that are visible here will likely be changed once i color it, such as background effects and stuff.

Edit: Sorry for the long delay on this one. I was in the middle of a move and was unable to finish it. So different parts were drawn at very different times. But here's the second to last page.


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Hurrah! I like it so far. :>


love your style~


it looks more like a cat to me


OK; so this goes 'comic1.png, comic2.png,

birthday comic3.png and then comic5.png'?


I suppose it would be churlish to point out that skunks don't have digitigrade feet.


@ Transferwolf & TFwolfgatesman: it's supposed to be fully skunk...i'm fairly new to drawing anthros, though...

@ Furneck: page three was named differently because transfur wouldn't let me upload a page called four...well...i was sleepy and messed up. all the pages should be named correctly now.

@ Rey: Maybe not (i admittedly didn't search that up), but the design of the character did, so i put it into the comic.


BlacKat: She is a very nice looking Skunkette. Can't wait till you color her.


So pretty she is!


I really like it but the proportion on the hands seems fairly off.


Hishiro: that's because the hands are made made intentionally large and more paw like, rather than just furry human hands.


I like the idea of changing through smelling on a rose.

Good one, this!


Very nice work! I love the progression and skunks are a favorite of mine. What is happening in the last pannel on page 5? Looks painful..