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smoking jacket by Bilious
3819 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
just having fun with Raven the goat-man
Goat Raven smoking by Bilious
3387 views, 10 favorites, 1 comment
Raven trying to enjoy a cigarette after being turned into a hideous goat-man
Goat Raven Sketches by Bilious
4305 views, 11 favorites, 3 comments
poor, poor Raven... it would suck to be turned into a goat, I would think.
Goat Raven sketches by Bilious
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averysketchinkedsmall by Bilious
2773 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
A werewolf comission for a friend. Will upload the colored version when completed :3
Uesses spider trouble by Bilious
5877 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
My second playing with the idea of a spider transformation- Úesse finds himself victem to a strange curse that will undoubtably effect his chance with the women XP
fishyraven crawling along by Bilious
4336 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
Raven finds himself in a sticky situation after a rather off-putting run-in with a mermaid
skin peeling off by Bilious
4390 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
Raven finds himself slowly turning into a fish-man after his strange encounter with a mermaid
Totally fishy by Bilious
4212 views, 6 favorites, 0 comments
In the story, Raven's fishy transformation never goes this far, but I had to draw it just to see what it'd be like. Raven is cursed after a run-in with a mermaid