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octobillydoodles by Bilious
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more octopus-Billy lovin' >:3
octobillyTFnotes by Bilious
4069 views, 3 favorites, 0 comments
more preperation for the finished pieces :3
pigTF by Bilious
8880 views, 31 favorites, 4 comments
A friend wanted me to do a pig TF for him for an RP thing XD
snailnewtdoodlesagain by Bilious
5472 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
more doodles of Snail-Newt... FWOP there goes the bones in his legs!
octobilidoodle copy by Bilious
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redesigning the final stage of my Octopus guy's transformation X3 playing around with the idea of a beak actaully on his face. I think I like this version and it's probably the one I'll end up using in the final sequence :3
snailnewtdoodles by Bilious
4719 views, 9 favorites, 9 comments
Once again hit by a fascination but without a specific character to do it to, Newt becomes a victem once again to my weird taste XD It would be so AWEFUL to turn into a snail in my mind! But for some reason, I'm DYING to write a story with it involved- perhaps a terrible curse? I'll be moving this to my sketches section as soon as I have a colored version ready ^_^
sabinpchat by Bilious
9695 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
Open Canvasing with Arania XD She ended up doing the spots on Úesse and I did the furr on one of Ambros's legs XDD Looks like beef for dinner tonight! >:33
ambrosedoodles by Bilious
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trying to learn how to draw Arania's character Ambrose (and compairing him to two of mine) the one in the upper right is the closest it was decided :3
brantochicken by Bilious
3 images, 14419 views, 43 favorites, 6 comments
part of the same curse that turned Úesse into a cow, poor Bran must lay a ginormous egg a day! or MORE! poor guy T_T more classroom doodles.
uessecow by Bilious
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turning Úesse into a cow for my amusement >:33 UDDER! a series of doodles experimenting with the idea XD why is it so funny to give men udders?? XDD