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billyportraitpractice by Bilious
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Here I think I captured what I was imagining well enough... poor guy. ToT now he's all ugly. There's a reason for the spines- it was an option and I thought it would look cool >:3
billheadconceptsketche by Bilious
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I really like the design on the right and went with it in future attempts :o
billheadconceptsketche by Bilious
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Still trying to figure out how Billy will look once his octopus transformation is complete- playing with posibilities for the head. It was decided that he should keep a beak on his face to aid in less role play awkwardness. >:3 He's... an anthro octopus!
tentacleexplodedoodlebig by Bilious
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Splork! The tentacles, they pop out! and for those who keep trying to link my characters together into one big cohesive thing- don't. you'll make your brain hurt. XD
billyconceptsketches by Bilious
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Thinking out Billy's octopus transformation some more... I'm loving his tentacle kilt XD
emmerwyndoodle by Bilious
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Emerwyn's character from our Island of Dr. Moreau RP thing :3 we're doing an art trade! She's turning into a deer hono!
spiderbrian by Bilious
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Poor were-spider Brian trying to reassert his humanity befor he gives his arachniphobic wife a heart attack
spiderbrian by Bilious
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Terrible thing to become a werespider when your wife is arachniphobic. ):
billybeak copy by Bilious
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redesigning Billy's beak to look more squid/octopus-like >:3
cheetahcomishdoodles by Bilious
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sketches for my most recent comission