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billydoodlesmall by Bilious
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A doodle of suspended 75% changed Billy I doodled in a hotel room not too long ago
werelionbrian by Bilious
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another doodle of werelion brian >:3 still not happy with his design D: I think this will involve more doodling! D:<
werelionbrian by Bilious
3316 views, 11 favorites, 2 comments
Instead of a housecat in the current crux novel, Brian is a werelion >:3 got some fun pictures in mind for this!
werewolfnewtwip by Bilious
3610 views, 5 favorites, 11 comments
Edited the description because I'm over it now, but I'm sure you lot can understand my frustration. WIP for a werewolf piece from a current storyline of a book I'm writing with a friend. may or may not post the finished version when it's done.
newtcolorstudy by Bilious
6426 views, 6 favorites, 10 comments
thinking about Newt's color/skin texture change into a frog >:3
frogmovement by Bilious
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notes on Newt's 25% frog movements
frog- by Bilious
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I decided to adapt my character Newt (often the victem of my generalized imagination) into a character for IoDM- always a rather terrible and clumsy janitor for Feral Labs, Newton accidentally finds himself in the middle of a terrible mess after chasing after a fly when cleaning up the labs one night. Glass works accidentally smashed and files scattered, he is "reassigned" to the village, unaware that he has now joined the ranks of the other test-subjects. Due to Moreau's sick sence of humor, ...
grasshopperuesse by Bilious
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pondering the possibilities of a grasshopper sequence :o
billyswimming copy by Bilious
3545 views, 5 favorites, 2 comments
Swoosh! At least he can swim well! :D and... do questionable things with tentacles, I suppose. :O I'm thinking Billy likes this part of the deal. He's a sleezy perverted boy like that D:< Use your tentacles for good, not evil!
billysmokingsketch by Bilious
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there's something hilarious about an "Anthro Octopus" smoking a cigarette.