lioness tf by Arania

lioness tf by

Date: 5/28/2004 Views: 62260 Favorites: 108 Comments: 11


A Schoolgirl to Lioness anthro transformation ^^. This is a commission sequence I did recently that I will be coloring in the relative near future.


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Now that's one nice, thick tail. The best kind! =^_^=


love it so far, my only real comment is that its not quite as interesting from a flat stright view.


great piece of work there


Beutiful sequence, i think your one of the best tf artist out there right now. I havent seen artwork posted this awsome in a long time. Your pictures are just fantastic, very realistic, you seem to have great skill for capturing tf's. Please you must post more often THANKYOU hehhe


Thanks everyone for the awesome comments ^_^ - I love to hear what people think about my artwork :). I'll definatley try to keep up drawing tf artwork and posted here - I love drawing sequences!


This is really cool, I'm not much for felines but you won me over! I hope, as I'm sure many of us are, to see more of your work. =)


holy, nice sequence... You mentioned coloring this sequence later? i can't wait to see that, i think some color will really bring these pictures to life. not that they aren't already, super sweet =^.^=


Yeah... dunno why.. this one just doesn't snap out at you like your colored wolf sequence did. But we do need some sequences, so GJ.


Nice. ^_^ Stealthwolf-SS ^_^


Diggn' it. n.n


good job ^.^ commisioning this was a Muy Bueno Idea!!